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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Alrighty, then... lunch it is! We will meet... somewhere. Uh. How about outside of the Vendor's Hall? I don't know, I just chose a random location. If that sounds like a good location, then lets do that, and then decide where to go for lunch, preferably somewhere close, then be back in time for the 2:00pm Black Gryph0n/Michelle Creber panel which I'd like to attend. So just go to the area outside the Vendor's Hall as soon as you can after 12:30pm and approach the two guys wearing Canada-flag themed hats with ponies dangling from the brim and say hi. AND TO ANYONE ELSE READING THIS THREAD AND NOT REPLYING, you may do this too, and be like, hey, I saw your thread on MLPF, I wanna come. Okay. I'll see you guys at the convention!
  3. So Intenzifier has messaged me that unfortunately he won't be attending BronyCAN this year due to events that have come up. Tross, that sounds great. Aquaryan, would you like to come with us to get lunch somewhere after your panel? Like, at the mall or something, it'd be within walking distance. According to the schedule online, your panel ends at 12:30pm, and we would have until 2:00pm if we want to get back in time for the Black Gryph0n / Michelle Creber panel. This would all work then if y'all are okay with missing the panel about furries and missing the Ice Cream Social (which costs extra money, so I won't be attending that...). But don't feel pressured to come if you don't want to, it's fine. Whatever you want to do. And Tross, how does that time sound for you if you want to get lunch with my brother and me? Or we could all do dinner, if you all would prefer that.
  4. Well, the weekend we have been waiting for is approaching, everypony. And so it is time I ask: is there anyone who wants to meet up and hang out at some point during the con? We could discuss where and when in this thread, but basically if there's even just a few of us here who want to meet up, for whatever length of time, I think that'd be fun. Possibly, it could be for lunch (there's a mall nearby, and a Subway), or maybe for drinks (if that's what people are interested in—there is an Irish pub attached to the hotel I think), but it doesn't have to be. Could be as simple as meeting in the hallway and saying "hi," I guess. My brother and I will be there, and Intenzifier has expressed interest in a meetup, so that'd be three people already (and perhaps Tross might be interested, and if so, that'd make it four). So yeah, what do you people think about this, about when/where we'd meet (and what day), if we'd go for lunch somewhere, or drinks, or whatever, I dunno, you people suggest stuff. And if no one replies to this thread, I'm going to simply declare a time and place that my brother and I will be at and anypony who wishes to can approach us and say hi. We'll be wearing hats that look sort of like cowboy hats except red with a white stripe down the middle and a red maple leaf on the front and little ponies hanging from the brim. So we should be pretty noticeable. And that's it, I guess. Have a fun BronyCAN everypony!!! Also, useful link for schedule information to assist us in planning a time: .
  5. Cleopatra's immediate family tree contained a high degree of inbreeding, and though I'm sure you all know that this was not unusual for her time period and the fact that it was a royal family, I still find it fascinating:
  6. That I think Sweetie Belle in sunglasses is cute and that I am not creatively determined enough to create an OC and then find someone who can draw it or draw it myself (which would require me learning to draw first), even though I've thought about doing this and might possibly do this one day maybe...
  7. I've only seen the first episode in another language, which was Japanese, but I definitely plan on watching more of the Japanese dub, it's really awesome. I don't like it more than the English version, but I still really like it. Plus it makes it fun to watch episodes that I've seen many times before but this time in a different way, getting to hear it with different voices (and a completely different opening theme). I'm looking forward to hearing how some of the characters' voices will sound in the Japanese dub.
  8. mu brin hertz furm redin dees pausts; lak, oh-em–jaay.
  9. I'm not sure about the exact day, but some time around this week one year ago I first watched the first episode of MLP. One year sure went by fast....

  10. Matthew, I just want to let you know I am hyped for this project. I can't really contribute much, but one thing I could do if you so wished would be to read/review lyrics. Or possibly even write some. I have experience writing poetry and have occasionally written what would be lyrics to songs if I could actually play any instruments (one day.....), but my inexperience (well, inability) with writing music might hinder my songwriting ability (though I don't think it will, at least not very much). If you want to see some of the things I've written, I could show you some.... (But if you don’t need any more lyric-writers, that’s cool too. I shall wait hyped and patiently for this project regardless.) (I need to stop using brackets so much) Also, I would offer to voice act but it looks like the only roles left are females. And I really don't know how well I would do anyways; I have acting experience, but not much voice acting experience (well, I guess acting in a play technically includes acting with a voice, so I guess if you count that...). And I don't personally think my voice sounds very ponyish (if that's a thing (and not just me coming up with another excuse why I wouldn't be a good voice-actor because I'm too shy to try it)). But I'm just putting this out there on the small off-chance that you'll have a minor male voice part and not care much about how the voice sounds as long as the person can act. And if nothing else, I'd always be up for hearing unfinished versions of songs and giving what feedback I can on them. Sorry for posting this like a month after the thread was started—I did see this a couple weeks ago but wanted to think about it before responding, and then I kind of forgot about it and then just remembered today.
  11. So much homework and studying to do... WHYYY D:

  12. During the school year, I don't go on very frequently because it would ruin me if I got in the habit of going on frequently when I have so much homework and studying to do. During the summer I post a lot more. In terms of WHY I post... I don't really know. Sometimes I spend an hour typing up a massive post answering some question about the lives of ponies or my opinion on something to do with the fandom and then I think, why did I just do that? But then I think, OH WELL and keep posting. It's fun, I guess. And also I want to be able to look back twenty years from now and know that I did participate in this fandom when it was big, and didn't just watch it from a distance. I don't really have anything artistically to contribute to the fandom, so discussion and interaction with others is one of the few things I can do to actually be an active part of the fandom and make an "impact" even if the impact is small.
  13. The way I see it, is if Rarity wanted to move to Canterlot and buy tons more clothes and jewelry she would have. Her special talent is finding jewels! She could literally become one of the wealthiest ponies in Equestria if she wanted to. I think the only reason she doesn't is because, for one, her element of Generosity, and secondly, she doesn't care about acquiring wealth or showing it off. She loves fashion as an art, a way of expressing herself, not a way to show how much money she has. Expensive clothes and accessories would be pointless to her if she didn't design them herself. It's funny, that although Rarity might seem, without looking too closely, to be the most materialistic of the Mane 6, she's really no more materialistic than any of them are. Anyways, I shall answer the question now: Rarity—Would spend on dress-making materials for the purpose of expressing herself and creating art not because she's materialistic and also would give a ton of it away, like to whoever asked, though she would prefer making dresses for them. Fluttershy—building and directing an animal orphanage or care center or something like that. Or even just expanding her cottage to allow more animals to live with and be cared by her. Twilight—BOOKS AND BOOKS AND MORE BOOKS. And quills and scrolls and ink wells and MORE BOOKS. Applejack—a barn that doesn't keep falling down. Pinkie Pie—Candy. And cake. And parties with cake. And candy. Her money would be gone in a day tops, and if it wasn't for cartoon logic, she would die from the like fifty cardiac arrests from the sugar she would consume. Rainbow Dash—This is a hard one, I don't really know... There's nothing I can think of that Rainbow would really want to spend her money on (plus judging from what her house looks like, I wouldn't be surprised if she already was pretty wealthy...) So I guess maybe she would just give it away or something? OH, or start a flying school! Maybe. But then that would take a lot of effort on her part, and she is pretty lazy, she probably she'd PAY someone to start a flying school that she would be the lead teacher at but wouldn't have to do any paperwork or administration stuff or anything like that. And now, for the last of the Mane 7, SPIKE—gems. Yummy, yummy gems.
  14. Some fanfictions you might want to read/know about if you haven't already (apart from Fallout Equestria which you've mentioned that you've already started and Cupcakes, which you've mentioned also that you are familar with): My Little Dashie, Past Sins, Anthropology, The Conversion Bureau, Bright Eyes. These are a few you might see referenced. Also read this if you haven't: . It'll tell you a LOT of information about the history of the fandom, and there's links in the "sub-entries" section for even more brony memes you might see referenced (especially read the one on Derpy). Read this too, for a bunch more things you will most definitely see mentioned at some point. One thing I think the knowyourmeme article on MLP:FIM got wrong, though, is when it says that initial interest in the show on /co/ was sparked by this one really negative article written by Amid Amidi. Though it is true that this article did cause a lot of interest in the show, there were threads on /co/ before the article was released that praised the show (I've even seen screencaps of threads that date to before the first episode aired where people were getting hyped up for the show based purely on the names of the people involved). It wasn't really a fandom then, but there have been adult men watching the show from the day the first episode aired. Not that I would know from first hand experience, I only joined the fandom last year, but I've done a ton of research on the history of the fandom since then.... Anyways, welcome to the herd!
  15. This sounds like me. Though I guess maybe I could do an analysis/review video one day, but I doubt it'd be watched by many people. Not that that really matters, though, as long as I have fun making it and a few people watch it. I guess I could also do voice acting, maybe; I do have acting experience and I like to think I'd be good at voice acting even though I haven't actually practiced it very much.