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  1. I would like to state this and this only........ We live in a world ruled by the society. Labeling people "derpy" or "ditzy" or even "retarded" is society lashing out on something that is not "normal"...... Well let me ask this. What is normal? Is there such a thing called "normal".NOOOOO do you know why???? Because everyone in the world is different. Im a 23 year old male. I like My Little Pony Friendship is magic. Does that make me weird???? No. The reason why is because Im different. However "society" Labels ponies a girly thing. How is it a girly thing. Ive ranted longer than i wa
  2. definitely unhappy. Things at home keep my spirits down. I have two things that make me happy. mlp fim.... and my laptop.
  3. sleep. fluttershy was sleeping when...
  4. where did you manage to find a rainbow dash lighter????? i must know this.
  5. rainbowdashlolz

    McDonalds Toys

    Same here
  6. derpy found a rainbow muffin
  7. silly forum. thats not how you say rainbow dash is best pony for girlfriend!!!!!!
  8. rainbowdashlolz

    McDonalds Toys

    My cousins got here and i was sleeping and all of a sudden i saw a epic fluttershy toy.................... they said here i got this for you...... my cousins are now 20%cooler....
  9. rainbowdashlolz

    McDonalds Toys

    thank you so much..... funny thing is my cousins are coming down so ill take your advice..... coincidence.... i think not
  10. Mine would have to be a Sapphire with flames. Being that I can be calm and collective while having a burning passion that can never be put out!!!!
  11. I have tried on numerous occasions. My coworkers got a great laugh about it and still crack jokes here and there. My parents think something is wrong with me..... and for the friends part.....*bro-hoofs air* enough said.
  12. rainbowdashlolz

    McDonalds Toys

    What do you do if your too shy to go up there??? where I live there is like no fellow bronies!!!!! awkward much????
  13. rainbowdashlolz

    Rejected brohoof

    I had a bro-hoof rejection from my own brother
  14. My custom pony is a Pegasus named Sephyra. She has a fire in her heart that cant be put out and loves adventures. Working on art work today!!!!! Wish me luck!!!!
  15. really close to ending this season..............IM SO MAD I COULD JUST SCREAM..................aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh...... no but really keep doing what your doing and love and tolerate everypony!!!!!!!
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