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  1. marce

    Queen Chrysalis Fan Club

    accept your insect overlords
  2. marce

    Queen Chrysalis Fan Club

    I feel like chrysalis doesn't get as enough love.
  3. marce

    Gaming mtgo mlp clan

    magic the gathering online
  4. marce

    Gaming mtgo mlp clan

    I started a clan on MtGO so if you want to join message blakice54 on MtGO.
  5. marce

    Queen Chrysalis Fan Club

    expecting chrysalis. TO BAD WALUIGI TIME
  6. My school band is playing some swing music for pep-band and i have been hooked on it for the past couple of weeks but the problem is i don't really know any bands. got any suggestions? p.s. it could be swing of electric swing
  7. marce

    The Avatar Above You Is Out To Kill You - How Screwed Are You?

    ya id probably be dead
  8. marce

    Coding Advice

    I want to start coding video games but don't know where to start. I have almost no experience in any language and don't have to much money so i cant afford anything too expensive.
  9. marce

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    5 ot of 10 because of the bad image quality
  10. marce

    this picture

    original image
  11. marce

    this picture

    can we talk about this picture
  12. marce

    Music metal band suggestions

    i dont listen to metal much so i just want some stuff to look through and find stuff i like
  13. I'm trying to find some good metal music any suggestions
  14. marce

    Queen Chrysalis Fan Club

    i thought this was relly good but its on a hiatus now
  15. marce

    Queen Chrysalis Fan Club

    i am so jelly of you right now