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Status Updates posted by JonasDarkmane

  1. Gonna be watching Rainbow Rocks today. I bought drinks (Fanta Exotic) and some chips and I'm going to have it cozy while watching :D

    1. lelouch.


      have fun :) I hope I can get comfortable like that in the near future xD

    2. Kyoshi


      Gotta love he simple enjoyments in life. Having a snack and watching videos is something I do a lot. :3

  2. Well, I kinda feel like my presentation was a failure since 10 out of 74 members of the club showed up for my presentation :(. Even the most devoted to the club didn't show up. Although I did get a hug from the guy that had been skeptical towards the fandom and he was very interested in my presentation. However I still feel like a failure since so few showed up. One of the group presidents was also quite confused since everybody should have known about the club meeting :(

    1. JonasDarkmane


      47 members, sorry. Don't know how I managed to switch the numbers :(

    2. DJPON-3-#Power11


      that happens but dont let it get to you cause haters gonna hate the cheat of the elemants of harmany. :3

  3. I will be doing a presentation tomorrow at my school about MLP and bronies. I will be holding the presentation for my club and I'm hoping that most people will show up. I will talk a little about MLP, Bronies and bullying and then I'm gonna show a few episodes from season 2 and then I will show people either Brony Chronicles part 1 or 2

  4. Playing Civ V with MLP mods on is quite fun. However I wish the Queen Chrysalis of the Changeling Empire had a voice when you talk to her. Celestia does. I don't know about Luna since I am playing her right now, so I can't really tell if she also has voice. But I'm loving Luna's city names (Capital is "Midnight Castle"). As well as the game music

  5. This is how I've been feeling really often lately D:
  6. This is so dark. I guess I'm just kinda in the dark stuff. This got me to actually watch the movie and now I want to read the book
    1. Mephala


      Wow, this makes me NOT want to read it anymore, and that's one of my favourite books. GG, bad animation. GG. :(

    2. JonasDarkmane


      I'm very sorry to hear that :(

    3. Mephala


      That cam out really horribly LMAO

      I'm just sick of people trying to be #edgi, haha

  7. Tonight when I was walking outside the moon was really large and it was red. The moon was red. Why? Because of the pollution that is coming from our volcano here on Iceland. Yesterday when I was on my way to school the moon was large and really yellow. Now it was even larger and red. I hope you go to sleep soon Mr Volcanos :)

    1. A Black Circle

      A Black Circle




  8. Hesus Christ. I just read the first chapter of Poject Horizons and I feel sick. Very sick, however I can't stop reading since I find it well written and exciting

    1. PoisonClaw


      Trust me, it gets worse. Far worse, and not in the good way. Save yourself now while you still have the chance.

    2. JonasDarkmane


      Too late D:. Already started reading the next chapter D:

  9. The Second part of "The Brony Chronicles" has been given a release date. 16. Oktober. If you don't know what I'm talking about then you should watch this ;)

  10. Just started reading Fallout: Equestria (Project Horizons). Wish me luck :)

    1. lelouch.


      Good luck :) have fun. Ive heard its good

  11. Yeah Rarity is a great pony :)

  12. Just did the "About Me" on my profile. I didn't know how to until a few moments ago. Gosh I'm such a noob xD

    1. GeneralDirection


      That's okay, we all have to start somewhere!

    2. Fluttershyfan94


      FoE have to finish it.

  13. Just got hugged by a guy who had previously denounced bronies and he said that we were cool. The guy was with me in a fantasy club called the "Fellowship" and during our first meeting when I said what kind of stuff I enjoyed he wasn't to kind about it. However few days ago he apologized to me and to all other bronies and called us cool. He didn't call himself a brony but he said that the shows were alright. Turns out his friend also watches it sometimes :D. I was really happy...

  14. Just had my cellphone and my keys stolen today at school while I was at the gym :(. Really really sad. But I guess that's just life. Should have bought my self a lock for the locker I was using. Thankfully nothing else was stolen (and the thief could have stolen a lot of stuff).

    1. lelouch.


      Thats sad :( well hopefully you'll laugh over it some day.

    2. Mephala


      I always take my stuff with me on the pool deck and lean it on the starting block. Unless they have rules regarding that, I would make sure you have your stuff with you unless you have a lock. Better luck next time, dood.

    3. JonasDarkmane


      I should have bought a lock. Well, I probably will laugh over it one day :).

  15. Just finished reading Fallout: Equestria. Best. Fanfiction. Ever!!!! And it's the story that has mostly influenced me then any other story that I have read. But I really cried in the end. Gosh. I wish there would be a more happier ending. But the writer was just being realistic and that's what makes him a really good writer. And when I say I would have preferred a happier ending then I'm not talking about for Equestria but for a certain character in the story :(

  16. I've just started reading Fallout Equestria and it is just amazing. I've become hooked. I'm already beginning to read chapter eleven :D.

  17. MLP music is just the best. It is what mainly drove me to watch MLP. I also love brony music since it is really good. People like Woodentoaster and LivingTombstone really impress me :D

    1. Yummychickenblue


      Yeah the fan music is definitely the best fanon stuff.

  18. Discovered MLP:FiM not very long ago (like few months ago) and it has already become my favorite episodes. I joined this community since I want to more involved with the Brony community and perhaps contribute something to the community or/and MLP:FiM