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  1. I'm doing a repost just because I do love y'all and that I'm always up to talk (of pretty much anything so if you just wanna talk about something just like that I'm here don't be shy) my profile is: darrions51
  2. I'm 17 don't smoke at all or do any drugs, alchohol only when there's a party or things like that. It's called being the most clean teenager alive in France (i'm french) they almost all do drugs or drink so much that they throw up...so that makes me the most uncool person too...ironic isn't it ?
  3. Oops sorry I wasn't there for a day and didn't see that yeah just post your OC link here I'll see if it fits and you'll play
  4. I'm also waiting for them to show up on the RP or at least to say that they will not play after all -_-
  5. I looked at the two people that just went in and though "These two look like they were lost in this forest too...hum let see what they have to relate about the why and how the finished here. After all I never known for this place but it seems to be quite famous may they are some reguler customers" then with my well known tact I decided to present myself to this stange pony that seemed to be quiet and kind of weird. I approached slowly looking at the little robbot that was still drinking its oil when I suddently finds myself right next to its owner. "Eeeeeeh...hi" said I with a hesitating voice. I still was looking at the robot but the most part of my attention was for the pny who standed right in front of him, I gazed at her, looking for every details and thinking "well that's a rock'n'roll mane !". I took a sit right next to her with his tea, smiled and waited for some reaction of her because to me she looked like she wasn't the kind of pony who talks much and that's what I liked to do when I meet up this kind of person.
  6. I said no drunk people cause it always causes troubles and as it says it is supposed to be serious (mlp way) and no one get drunk and throw up all over the place so that's why and let's asume that cider is the softest alcohol of all times ! You'd need to drink so much of it to get drunk even if you try as hard as you can I don't think you'll be able to do it (except if you can drink that much and if you do call guiness men !!) So that's why
  7. Ok guys i'm going to sleep gotta work tomorow ^^"

  8. We're out of pizza !! But the RP is finally up !! I did the presentation of the situation for my OC and give a little bit of extra things about the Inn so the post don't look like a normal RP post don't worry guys !!
  9. Our OOC here, don't forget to read the rules and ask before posting here okay Starting post: Heaven walked for days and with his terrible sence of direction lost himself in some woods. Suddently he stumbles on a rock, roll down a hill and find himself just next to an old looking inn, The Prancing Pony... Well it's convenient said Heaven to himself. He walks in and surprisingly it was good looking and warm inside, he looked at the innkeeper and said "good evening...". The innkeeper looked at him and said "Oh you look cold my friend come here I'll make you some tea, tell me what brings you here !". Heaven surprised sit at one of the tables, took a long breath and sighed as the innkeeper came back with tea and sit next to him. So what's your lil name asked the innkeeper with a smile. I'm Heaven Height and I was pretty much lost in fact...said Heaven between two gulp of the hot tea. The innkeeper laught and said "Well you are in the Prancing Pony, the only inn you'll find next the everfree forest and only 7 miles away from Ponyville !" Heaven looked at the innkeeper and said " You're saying I was in the everfree forest all this time !! I thought I left it 2 days ago and that I was another forest...everything look so similar and different in these forest !". The innkeeper laughed and awnsered " Well you did like everypony who's not familiar with this forest, you're lucky finding my inn !! Do you want anything else ?" Heaven awnsered back " A room please i'm exhausted !! I think I'll stay here a bit to take back my energy !" Well take the 3 it's the warmiest ! Said the innkeeper with the same great smile. Heaven took the key and chilled on the chair and though "this is going to be a great place to chill out, let's see if anypony else is going to break in tonight !" Here starts the story of the Prancing Pony ! Have fun
  10. No don't worry men I also will not be able to play sometimes ! You said us you may wouldn't be able to play, so it's OK
  11. OK our OOC thread is created !! just don't forget to follow it I'm actually creating the RP
  12. Hello everyone !! This RP will not be about the lord of the ring (sorry guys) but it still is about an Inn !! The idea is basic and perfect for newbies (like me yeah) we simply will have to go in the Inn say hello and start talking about anything your OC have done taday (a great training to much bigger RP like EQE) but also a really fun RP to do with friends and to make some ! the rules will be: -No alicorn (not that i don't like them but we'll try to make this pretty realistic to place in the show) -No God Mod and controlling other people OCs (execpt if they they you can) -No non-pony OCs (sorry guys I like those too but not in there ^^) -No violence, drunk people, any kind of drugs, overpowered magic and things like that okay :okiedokielokie: -Just try to think that it is supposed to be almost acceptable for the show Okay if it takes some span I'll try to have some of the EQE guys who plays some of the mane 6 in (I said I'll try do not take it to an acquired thing) The players: - Me with Heaven Height - LoCrois with Stormy Clouds -Times Hay with Shadow Falle -ShadowBeam with Shadow Beam -Bronislav84 with Lektra Bolt For now if you are okay with the rules everyone can be in and I'll never stop taking people in! (execpt if it's out of control ) Here's my OC he's not totally complete as I'll try to had some more infos on him ^^ Don't hesitate come on and REPLY saying that you want it to be created and to be in !! (I'll try to be here every day execpt during my exam but I'll tell you about that ) Have a good day !!
  13. Should I open a searching thread with a OOC function or just stay with this wonderful planning one ?
  14. WOW that's one cool OC you got there (cool looking too) !! You're in and I hope you'll like to play this RP