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  1. NOOOOOO!! I'M allergic to adorableness!!!!
  2. I mean, honestly. Think about it. Ignoring the already well-connected references present throughout the game, from Arlen Glass's office, to the Minutemen-ending conversation with Preston, there are an incredibly large number of similarities between the books and the game. Which is odd, since the books came out first and the game was in production for upwards of 6 years. Pink Eyes had a giant airship, just like the Prydwen. Project Horizons had an entire story arc surrounding the Institute, even if it turned out vastly different in actual canon. Can anyone think of any other connections? I k
  3. PROLOGUE Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria… War. War never changes. By the end of the second Celestial Epoch, the world had become a very different place… In constant, seemingly futile attempts to keep the invading zebras at bay, Princess Luna ordered great patches of Forest cleared for raw materials to be used in the war effort. The only two places left untouched were the Whitetail Woods and the Everfree Forest, the former for being an integral part in the turning of the seasons from summer to fall with the annual Running of the Leaves. The latter, Everfree Fore
  4. cosmic_joke

    Visual Art Trying a new drawing style

    Hello, nightmares. I was wondering when you'd arrive.
  5. I am extremely naive: I will not deny that. I have also had a large amount of experience when it comes to crisis situations, recovering from losses, forming successful teams and groups, and have incredible people skills.
  6. I never said anyone who didn't want to had to come -.- It is just an opportunity for those of us who long for a better, cleaner lifestyle than the one already provided for us. And its not just bronies: its built on brony philosophy, but caters to any and all who want it. Isn't that what the whole fandom is about? Love and tolerate, and to share those kindnesses with others. Pay it forward, be a better person.
  7. 1) Remnants of America 2) IDK (brain loading... please stand by) 3) It would be the old USA: people would already be there, and it would be better than in other parts of the former nation. Remember that this isn't going to be huge, at least not to start. There will still be a lot of places left... unreached, by our new nation, and so migrating there from elsewhere would be a change for the better.
  8. Actually, I partially agree with Chronamut: America is a lost cause (I'm voting for Trump), and I plan to build my, our new nation on the ruins of the U.S.A. It probably won't be too long before we piss someone off enough that they try to wipe us off the face of the earth.
  9. I am nothing if not completely serious about this. Yes, my name has the word 'joke' in it, but that is just a play on my life (an inside joke, if you will). I think and feel that this is fully possible, and should be arranged and orchestrated with all caution and haste. Cange is coming, can you not feel it? The world as a whole has been in its currewnt state of turmoil for far too long, and eventually it will reach a breaking point where many nations will dissolve, and chaos will be a large factor in the lives of many people. I plan to use this time to forge a new, hopefully (but reall
  10. New kinds of people call for new kinds of armies.
  11. Um, its not my birthday... An army doesn't have to consist of people who kill other people, although if it comes to that, I am sure we would have no choice. No, the army I am thinking of would primarily exist as a means of helping others, in a systematic, efficient, and ordered way.
  12. I like the idea of a new religion based on these ideals, but I'm rather happy being a Christian; and besides, we would look more ridiculous than the Church of Scientology if we decided to worship a bunch of winged ponies from a kids' show. 'Better benefits than in our current country'? Pal, I live in America, where the only 'benefits' are being given to illegal immigrants... don't get me started on that one! A bunch of sweaty people in Luna t-shirts? Look, I'm not FOR Luna, its just that Lunar sounds better than Celestial. And yeah, we probably would end up having a conflict of NLR vs.
  13. Ok, so give it a different name; but the fact still stands: the time has come to UNITE!
  14. Should we, the Brony nation, finally come together as a true nation? One with no ruler, just the ideals of Equestria, of the Elements themselves, as our guide. The New Lunar Republic, where we would Love and Tolerate the sh*t out of anyone who dares oppose us, but also no longer be afraid to go out and BE WHO WE ARE, 24/7, 365. With our own flag, our own holidays (Hearth's Warming Eve, Hearts and Hooves Day, Nightmare Night, etc.), out own colors, and our own army. Here to take on the world. I think this is a good idea. Anypony care to join me?
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