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  1. First job interview went well. Second one tomorrow. So nervous I can't sleep...

  2. Ash & Serena in Pokémon XY is actually unbearably sweet and adorable. (: But also Tormund & Brienne. Oh man it's devastatingly perfect.
  3. Counting down the minutes to a job interview. I'm so nervous I might be sick. T_T

    1. TheRockARooster


      I wish you the best of luck.

    2. Stardust Balance

      Stardust Balance

      You'll do fine; I wish you luck! :)

  4. This face gives me an unhealthy amount of rage, I just found him so incredibly irritating. Grow up Tidus.
  5. I came here to say no, but if gender-swapped me had a beard and a manbun... I mean...maybe? It's hard to resist the beard&manbun combo.
  6. Ghostweaver

    Music I need music! D:

    There's no music in this world like a good 'ol avocado peelin' tune. (:
  7. I think this year I'll finally put a real costume together and dress up as Mabel Pines! I wanna make an amazing sweater with lights and glitter and true Mabel spirit! I used to love dressing up for Halloween but the past few years I've been going the Regina George route... n.n;;;
  8. I have! For just a little over a year. He's more than I think I deserve most days, from surprising me with a plane ticket to spend Christmas with my family to always encouraging me to go after my dreams and aspirations when I'd normally lay down and give up. Thanks to him I've challenged myself a lot and learned a great deal about what I'm actually capable of. Still, things aren't perfect. ): He still won't sport a manbun for me... Life is pain.
  9. You seem chill. Maybe if I was single I'd give ya a shot. (;
  10. Ghostweaver

    General Coffee Drinkers UNITE!

    I used to be a terrible coffee snob, but lately my stomach has been handling the acidity and caffeine poorly and I can't drink it any more without feeling really sick. ): It's a tragic truth. I still use coffee grinds in my homemade facescrubs at least, the smell and caffeine are so nice!
  11. And now my triumvirate of ponies is complete! Finally finished my earth pony! With clear inspiration from Saffron Masala, now that I'm looking at her. n.n;;

  12. Well, I decided on a cutie mark for Blossom Heart! I'll show that in a spoiler, first: But more excitingly, I finished the design for my Earth Pony! Now I have one of each type of pony designed. (: She needs a name, but for now Her name is Galão, and I'm at least pleased that I was able to convey her sultry & sassy personality decently well in a drawing. Edit: I'm realising now the clear inspiration from Saffron Masala... n.n;; Oops. But she was such a lovely pony!
  13. Having a flu is such a miserable feeling. ): At least there's spicy soup to fix it.

  14. Oh my goodness there are so many I could list. But I remember playing Soul Silver through the first time as a kid. When I first stepped into Ecruteak City I found the music to be so lovely and relaxing. I'd linger there just to listen to the music a little longer. Then of course there's the perfect spook of the Ice Path / Dark Cave and Lavender Town. Also a huge fan of a lot of Black/White tunes, particularly Opelucid City and Emotion. But my number one favourite Pokémon track is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Pallet Town theme. This is the music that
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