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  1. I have 4 - I don't recall their names. I used to know... they are very pretty. Some of the few I have out on display. These three are in my cabinet... the 4th must be in one of the storage boxes.
  2. I think if any come into play it would be looking at whether any niches remain in FiM to be filled. No point doubling up on character types. However, nothing stopping them putting in previous generations as background or bit characters.
  3. One of the reasons I sought out this forum was to get an idea of the value of some of my collection. I have G1 & G3. I am looking to sell some to help finance a present for my husband. Which would be better value in general: MIB G3s - I have a cupboard full of lots of different ones and a couple of the first mail order G3 in bags) or various G1s (thinking of parting with a MIB spanish baby bowtie & buggy - I also have a MoC UK pose bowtie).
  4. Rarity? I reckon I could take her on.... ... although person after me is faced with Cutethulu! The adorable death of all! Isn’t he just the sweetest little Old God?
  5. Flutter ponies had crystal looking wings, S.Wingers had the butterfly/fairy look. S.Wingers are closest to breezies (btw, I really dislike that Breezies aren't a true pony). Flutter ponies don't have a close comparison. Maybe a blend of all the winged varieties with a bit of crystal pony thrown in (but in a flowery spring field instead of the frozen north)?
  6. 2nd hand G3s would be easier to find atm because the first owner would just be starting to outgrow them. Most G1s would already be in a collector's stash or in landfill.
  7. Now I feel old... I had to look up what sjw was....
  8. There's the cupboard full of unopened G3s and 1 Popple. The G1 & G3 ponies my kids play with and the big G3 girls (also for my kids to play with). There are also some in storage boxes.
  9. G1 & G3 toys were better. TV/Movie wise: Friendship is magic > Equestria Girls > G1 > G3.
  10. Wingers and merponies. Love the wingers! Little fairy ponies.
  11. I have watched Gen1 - I own a few G1 DVDs - I have G3 videos but haven't watched them (they came with ponies and are still mib). Friendship is magic is honestly the best TV, although I prefer the G1 toys.
  12. Good, but not great. It is mostly a vehicle for Hasbro to get into the fashion doll market. I would prefer they focus on the pony market! Also - high school kids? But they are independent adult ponies.... I can accept talking magical ponies and interdimensional travel, but the age issue and Celestia's demotion from Princess to Principal was a bridge too far!