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  1. maemaee

    Ask Heirloom!

    "Um... I'm a Pegasi myself, if that's what your asking. My manners are good, I guess?"
  2. Hehe, I haven't been here long enough to have a forum crush on anybody. You all are very welcoming and nice, though! There's a special pony I have a special love for their art though. A platonic pony crush I have would be Fleur, or Nurse Redheart. They're both so cute! If I were to date a pony though, I'd probably date Doctor Whooves. And my IRL crush would be my loving boyfriend, of course.
  3. Hey, this is just a quick question. Would I still be able to role play on campus before the first test? I'm really excited to be role playing.
  4. Nidoking! I dunno, the large amount purple reminded me of Nidoking, haha.
  5. Hi, I know you've already started but I'd really like to join you all seeing as you have extra spots available! I hope my character gets accepted . Name: Kelpie Arowana Species: Faunus Type (Faunus only): Catfish Home Kingdom: Mistral Age: 16 Weapon: A custom fishing rod, capable of blowing bubbles and is also a usable rifle. It has flexible and shiftable parts, and can be shrunken to fit in her backpack. The string attached to it can be used as a whip, and is often used to keep enemies in place for others. The bubble blowing is more for fun if anything. Semblance: Call of the Water - She uses her aura to extract the water from the air to use for herself in combat, or for healing on others. She is capable of freezing or boiling the water, or even in some instances control the weather if she focuses hard enough. The more particles in the air, the stronger her ability gets. Extra abilities: She is capable of breathing in water, and is an excellent swimmer. Appearance: A fairly short student at only 4"11, however she makes up for it in the way she walks and stands. At first glance, it's fairly difficult to notice her Faunus features, however on further examination you notice gills on her face and arms, and the whiskers on her face. She has long, shiny hair that is very flowy. In combat, she puts it up so it doesn't get in her face, and her outfit is often showing off her gills to give her the ability to use her semblance to her full potential.. ((Will be drawing her soon, don't worry!)) Personality: She's a fish out of water (pun intended) due to her swampy upbringing so far away from civilisation. She knows little about the world around her which makes her extremely curious, almost to the point of being oblivious. She loves other cultures, and wants to learn things that she wasn't able to in the swamp. Despite being clueless, she's not incapable and hates being underestimated because of her nature. She's hardworking and does her best in every situation she finds herself, even when it's hard for her. She has a very odd way of speaking, and often makes cat and fish puns. She's much better at following others then being a leader, Background: She was raised with her two fish faunus parents deep in a swamp located in the depths of Mistral. She lived there all of her life, and due to the high density of Grim, she was unable to leave. Even though she was happy there, she wanted more from life then to be born in a swamp then to die in a swamp. She wanted an adventure. It was when her parents told her about their past, and them being a Huntsman and a Huntress respectively. She decided she wanted to follow in their footsteps, and that first step means going to Beacon Academy. She built her own weapon and fought her way out of the swamp, and eventually made it to Beacon.
  6. She'd probably ironically wear something so terrible it hurts to look at with a ridiculous hat just to annoy the people around her.
  7. Hey, would I be able to join with my OC Green Tea? She's a Unicorn, I just created her and want to put her in a SOL situation!
  8. maemaee

    Green Tea

    Green Tea
  9. Even though it's Winter where I am, it's HOT and sunny. I'm in Australia, hahaha.
  10. Thank you! I think my art style is different between digital and traditional, but it's nice to know that it's something that can't be replicated haha.
  11. maemaee

    Ask Heirloom!

    "S-Soup in the South? Um... There's a Souper-Douper... Ehhehe. Bad pun, sorry. There's a place in Appleloosa that has savoury soups made with cherries. I thought it was great but it might not be for everyone." "Well, I really like watching ants! Ants are such incredible creatures; they're all hard workers, they're like a little society. Some people find them gross but how could they know if they're gross if they don't eat them? I've never eaten an ant, so I can't say if they're gross or not... I also practice flying and study. I'm still in school, after all!" "Umm... Lime and Lavender. It has a very nice ring to it, hehe."
  12. Are there any supporting or background ponies you believe to be underrated or underappreciated? I think that Allie Way and Candy Apples are so adorable and underappreciated, and so are the Spa Ponies Lotus and Aloe. They really need more love so here they are