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ooc Into Darkness: A RWBY RP OOC

Drago Ryder

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World Building

Hundreds of years ago, the world of Remnant was divided into four kingdoms: Vacuo (West), Vale (Center), Mistral (East), and Atlas (North). Each one acts to balance out the others and they are each run by a independent council. However, a increase in demand for dust, a substance commonly used in everyday life and weaponary, and other resources, caused a war to break out between the four nations and many lives were lost in the ensuing conflicts. Eventually, peace was restored and has been maintained ever since.

There is one group in particular, however, that has made strides to maintain this fragile peace and protect the general populace from Creatures of Grimm, hunters and huntresses. Each kingdom has them and schools have been founded for the sole purpose of teaching the ways of these heroes so that the next generation can contiune their work. All is not sunshine and rainbows, however. There are forces that would send even the most experianced hunter into a bout of fear conspiring to bring the world to its knees.





There are three major species that call the world of Remnant there home, or at least three that have shown some form of higher level intelligence. 

The first of the three species would be humans, generic, boring, walk on two legs, humans. They make up the majority of the populace within the four kingdoms and are normally better off than their faunus counterparts. They are able to use an internalized power called aura for combat, and through this, a semblance. Each human has their own unique aura and semblance, but must practice in order to use it effectively.

The second species to inhabit the world of Remant would be the faunus. While the origin of the species itself is unknown, there is no argument that faunus themselves are humanoid beings with animalisitc traits. While some types of faunus are more common than others, they all face discrimination by humans and have not gotten far in their search for freedom. Like humans, they can use their aura and semblance, but must practice to use it effectively. 

The last species can only be refrered to as the Creatures of Grimm. Not much is known about them, but what is known is that they are attracted to negitive emotions and want nothing more than the destruction of humanity and faunus alike. They come in many forms, but share some characterisitcs, namely their coloration, and the bone like armor on their body. They can live for hundreds of years and become more intelligent the older they get.

Map of Beacon Academy




1.Follow Forum Guidelines

2.I know in canon a faunus can only have one specific trait from the animal they're based off of, but I will allow them to more so long as they are reasonable.

3. Everyone will pretty much start off at Beacon on the night before the initiation.

4. No god like characters.


Character Creation

Here is an example of the character creation format.

Name: Draco Ignis

Species: Faunus

Type (Faunus only): Dragon

Home Kingdom: Vale

Age: 17

Weapon: Three foot chokutō dubbed Hakumei that has no alternate form. The metal of the blade is obsidion black with a midnight blue hilt. Draco can channel his aura into the blade for increased durability.

Semblance: Blitzkrieg- Draco can use his aura to gain a boost in speed via electricity produced within his body. His fastest speed is 100 miles per hour.

Extra abilities: Draco has enhanced senses and strength

Appearance: Draco stands at five feet nine inches and has short black hair brushed to the side. He has a thin, yet muscular build and typically wears an opened, white trench coat that stops just below his knees, sunglasses that completely cover his eyes, light grey pants and a black shirt. He carries his weapon strapped to his back. Draco also has red eyes with pupils that are veritcally oriented slits.

Picture Reference (Optional): 


Just take off the wings and shoulder spike, and that's basically Draco

Personality: Draco tends to hide his emotions from everyone as a result of the ostracism he faced as a result of being a faunus and is somewhat self concious about how he appears to others. He also tends to think before diving head first into a situation and is loyal to the few who he may consider his friends.

Backstory: Draco was born in Patch, but never got to know either of his parents. This is due to the fact that his father was a hunter and his mother died during his birth. He was raised in an orphanage and found an interest in the small library the building possesed. Before he attended Signal at the age of 13, he had already learned as much as he could at the time. That being said, being a faunus didn't exactly help build his social skills. Many children and adults would actively avoid him, and most stores wouldn't allow him to buy anything. It only got worse when he got to Signal, where bullies were common and no one wanted to seem to do anything about it. Deespite this, he made it through the four years of Signal, forging Hakumei from metal he had salvaged from a meteorite he found in the middle of the forest on the last day of his first year. He was wary of going to Beacon, for fear of facing the same treatment he experianced at Signal, but figured that it would be worth the risk if he wanted to become a hunter.

Character List

1. Draco Ignis

2.Vince Aurelius

3.Ghalan Chromwell

4.Yuki Ryusaki

5.Rei Tanith

6.Etherius Malvaleine

7.Euca Li Xiang

8. Shian Fangsly

Note: Placement on character list does not determine teams.




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With the volume 4 hype still in my blood I would totally love to join up on this rp, here's my character.

Name: Vince Aurelius  

Species: Human

Home kingdom: Atlas


Weapon: A boxy rectangular assault rifle with a light-grey coloration around two and a half feet in length. The rifle has a scope attachment and a golden pattern resembling an ocean wave. The weapon is able to chamber a variety of dust rounds that give it extra utility in combat, like using ice dust to freeze opponents in place if his rounds hit. Like many others Vince can channel his semblance through his weapon as well. If need be the rifle can transform into a longsword for use in melee, the weapon is named Ginto.

Semblance: Overload- Vince can use his aura to project a powerful burst of what seems to be light in a cone aimed in front of him. It blinds and deafens who ever is caught in the blast, has a similar effect comparable to a flash-bang grenade. May use dust to add extra effects to his semblance, such as using ice dust to flash freeze the cone in front of him.

Extra abilities: Vince is in good physical shape/health and has training from an Atlesian combat school. Is a competent marksman and is no slouch in hand to hand combat.

Appearance: Standing at 5'7 Vince is average in height and has a light tan skin complexion. He has black hair in a short crew cut and a small beard that is neatly trimmed. His eyes are thinner than most and have a dark brown coloration. Though not toned(visible abs), he has a considerable amount of muscle leaning towards bulky more so than lean. When not wearing his school uniform he usually wears black fatigues alongside black hiking boots, he also wears running shoes when he feels like exercising. For combat scenarios he wears Atlesian body armor(albeit outdated) that covers his chest/abdomen alongside a belt that carries his ammo pouches. He owns a helmet but often chooses to wear a visor that covers his right eye. 

Personality: Vince has a humble and cheerful demeanor, and often tries to avoid confrontation or conflict to the best of his ability. He likes things simple and prefers finding the quickest and most efficient solution to an issue. Despite this mindset if faced with no solution Vince gets frustrated, often overlooking the obvious in his frustration. When frustrated Vince becomes more domineering and his presence usually is more noticeable, if not for the moment. Though optimistic he knows when to be realistic and bluntly speaks the harsh truth when need be. Vince may also often show a surprising amounts of vigor when talking to people, often taking the full attention of who ever he's talking to. This makes him seem showy or loud, another consequence is he often forgets to control himself when talking to people, causing quite a few to be a little more than annoyed of his presence.

Background: Vince's family were originally from Mistral, moving to Atlas seeking a more disciplined and orderly life for their child. Growing up in Atlas Vince often asked about Mistral, being quite enamored by his parent's stories. Hearing tales of heroic huntsmen at a young age has caused Vince to aspire to become a huntsman, believing that becoming a huntsman would bring a life of excitement and glory compared to the rigid and disciplined life in Atlas. When he was old enough Vince applied to a combat school in Atlas, there he was harshly trained under strict supervision. Trained to use the weaponry and common combat practices of Atlas, he then graduated and hoped to join one of the major huntsmen academies to achieve his dream. Already having a taste of Atlas teaching methods Vince wanted a new perspective, hearing the rumors about the efficiency of Beacon he asked his parents if he could go to Vale. Being gifted his father's armor and weapon as blessings he was sent off to live with his Aunt's family in Vale, there he could apply to Beacon and tests his worth.






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Name: Ghalan Chromwell

species: Faunus

Type: Wolf

Home Kingdom: Vale

Age: 17

Weapon: A simple red katana but with cylinders for adding in any elemental dust for instance making it have more cutting power named Azure . A six round revolver modified from the western into one that can use dust.

Semblence: By putting specialized dust into his mouth and allowing his sword to be scraped by artificial fangs he could ignite his blade.  An image of a specific grim i he allows his aura to form. http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/monsterhunter/images/d/d2/MHGen-Hellblade_Glavenus_Render_001.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20160727181733

extra abilities: Extra strong senses.

Appearence: Ghalan stands at around 5'11 of height. A wolf tail of gray along with his wolf ears on top. A specialized set of grinding fangs in his mouth to which he uses to activate his semblance Inferno. His clothes are in the picture.

picture: wKfUgAa.jpg

Personality: Ghalan is the type of guy who likes to be around his friends. Though he has a temper on him when it i called for or when he sees an injustice happening. He also hates the White Fang. He is the type of guy who perseveres through the injustice and rise above it. To him these White fanged arseholes are nothing more than thugs. But once you get to know him you'll have a friend for life. He also enjoys a good brawl/fight.

Background: Ghalan Chromwell grew up with a family of his mother and father. They were wonderful parents despite the hard times they were going through. His father was hard working and always said "Ride through hell and you'll see the end of it. Persevere through hard ships." That always stuck with Ghalan. Ghalan's father was a blacksmith so it was he who made Draco's katana and revolver. As Ghalan grew so did his sense of right and wrong. He saw the rise of the white fang. He respected their right to be equals. But as the years went by he began to see them as a terrorists and rabid dogs that was as bad as the grim and deserve to be put down. Of course his hatred was solidified by the White fang because they tore apart os father's workplace just for the weapons there. So he's here at Beacon to become a great hunter. And to advertised his father's work.

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Name: Yuki Ryusaki

Gender: Female

Home Kingdom: Mistral

Age: 17

Species: Fox

Weapon: Nine foot lance that can shift into a long bow to fire aura based projectiles. User can store aura in weapon while in lance form to have pre-made arrows. Yuki has dubbed the weapon Lunar Spire

Semblance: Transference- She can basically absorb an opponent's aura or bolster the aura of allies through touch.

Extra abilities: Can play the ocarina and has enhanced senses

Appearance: Yuki is five and a half feet in height with white hair that falls just below her shoulders and blue eyes. The fur on her ears and tail matches her hair color, but the tip of her tail is black

Outfit Reference:


Just replace the high heel boots with regular ones.

Personality: Yuki is very energetic and optimistic. She cares deeply for her friends and has a innocent mentality. That doesn't mean that she doesn't get into trouble, however. Yuki enjoys pranks, so long as no one gets hurt. She is alao a bit of a weapon fanatic and isn't one to hold back should it be needed.

Backstory: Yuki was born and raised in Mistral to a family of musicians. When she was old enough, the girl began to learn how to play the ocarina. Her fascination with weapons began when she attended Sanctum and it was also during this time that she knew she wanted to be a huntress, if only for the ability to help other faunus. At some point during her time at Sanctum, she created Lunar Spire and has since moved to Vale in order to attend Beacon.

Weapon Reference


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Assuming the characters here are on the same team the name would have to use Y D G V, interesting combination that I don't have a name for sadly. Other than that I'm also curious to see how this rp plays out.

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1 minute ago, dragon4111 said:

Specialized dust which ignites his sword which he has to grind across fake fangs.

Ok. Just wanted to be sure I had the right line of thought.

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2 minutes ago, dragon4111 said:

I never expected someone to make a monster hunter reference in this forum, less reference more of an inspiration really. Still, it's pretty darn cool to see that someone plays the game, kudos mate.

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Just now, Drago Ryder said:

That's up to you. It would be interesting at least.


1 hour ago, Ranger22 said:

I never expected someone to make a monster hunter reference in this forum, less reference more of an inspiration really. Still, it's pretty darn cool to see that someone plays the game, kudos mate.

Hmm maybe in the shape of Hellblade Glavenus.

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3 minutes ago, Drago Ryder said:

Yeah. That's true. Still, it would still be intimidating to anyone outside of the team.

Well that's true plus he has a nice bushy tail considering he's a wolf faunus and wolfy ears.

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