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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Best Gift Ever? More like Best Reference Ever (to my favorite holiday-related movie of all time, that is)!
  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. Kazuki

    Movies/TV Favorite movie scene?

    One of my favorite films. This opening scene sets the tone for the whole movie.
  5. Kazuki

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Alright mate, we get it, you love exploitation and gore movies. The whole "huge stock images from the flick" shtick is a little out of hand at this point. Just post a small image of the theatrical poster or something. Anyways, I watched The Wolf of Wall Street again last night. This should have been the film to win Leo an Oscar.
  6. Kazuki

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Valhalla Rising is the ultimate pleb filter. I was in awe. My mom was able to grasp the basic concepts (and as a photographer, she loved it just for the cinematography) but my uncle was pissed that he "wasted 90 minutes" of his life. Even after I explained everything after he still thought those ideas should have been explicitly obvious. Definitely not a movie for everyone.
  7. Kazuki

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    Same, I just watched the first three episodes and I am completely hooked. It's been a while since an anime has me feeling this sense of wonderment. I believe I might be looking into picking up a few volumes of the manga with any Christmas money I may receive.
  8. Kazuki

    Animation FLCL 2&3

    I haven't been very excited when it comes to anime for the past few years, but this changes things! RIDE ON SHOOTING STAR!
  9. Kazuki

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Such a masterpiece I try to watch it once per year.
  10. Kazuki

    Movies/TV Ranking the movies of 2017

    This is my opinion: 1. The Killing of a Sacred Deer 2. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri 3. Wind River 4. The Villainess 5. Trainspotting 2 6. Blade Runner 2049 7. Brawl in Cellblock 99 8. Good Time Damn, I couldn't even come up with ten. I saw some other decent movies this year but none worth ranking in a Top 10 list.
  11. Kazuki

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    It's a DSBM kind of day.
  12. I have a vague memory of seeing Fargo when I was six or seven. My parents were watching it after I'd gone to bed, but in our old house there was a spot at the top of the stairwell where I could see the TV but they couldn't see me. I didn't understand any of it at the time, in fact I probably thought it was boring (it's now one of my favorite films) but I think it was just the novelty of watching television so late/ the thrill of being disobedient.
  13. I'd say coca cola because I drink at least a can a day, but to be honest, I'd give it up for a lifetime supply of that cranberry Canada Dry ginger ale that only comes out around Christmas.
  14. I saw it. This is a film that needs to be experienced in theatres.
  15. This was the episode that got me into the show. I've only seen the first three seasons so far, so I'm not sure if it's ever brought up later, but this was the episode where it seems that Rarity acknowledges that she knows Spike is in love with her, and I hope to see that come up again in later seasons.
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