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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Just got a new puppy. Female. We decided on naming her Rainbow Dash.:wub:

  3. The fandom will never die. If im correct, furries have been around since the70's, right?
  4. I only have a couple of Rainbows. But i like having a tough girl be sweet and gentle.
  5. My dog has passed away last sunday and I havn't been myself since. Its times like this where I really do wish Rainbow dash was here with me.
  6. I thought it would have been horror. They just witnessed an entire planet burn up on screen.
  7. Specifically the end where Earth burns up in the solar flare, and the plane crash?
  8. Merry Birthiversary! 

  9. I'll still watch mlp. when my dad finished playing cod ww2, he said he'll return it now that he was finished. if you ask me, its baffling to stop watching something when it ends.
  10. Even if you have to physically fight anypony threatening you girls, like the changelins at the wedding in canterlot, are you not ok with killing?
  11. Girls, are you seniors, while Applebloom, sweetie belle, scootaloo, and snips and snails are freshmen?
  12. Rainbow dash, since she is quite beautiful, pony or not. Also, she can be very kind like Fluttershy, despite her tomboyish attitude.