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  1. Judging from the badge he wears and his cutie mark, I am wondering if he will be some sort of guard or deputy for Maretime Bay, or something like that. That could lead to him often trying to protect his friends at all costs. If so, that could help make for an interesting character. I'm not so sure about his more casual personality though.
  2. One, including myself, could say that she had some developmental issues which led to her wings growing way slower than average. And the whole detail about her wings being smaller can be easily ignored (for instance I just pretend that they were normal size). Like I said, it was left up for interpretation.
  3. Yeah, they weren't the best when it came to backstories. Of course there's Starlight, who had a pretty poorly written backstory all around. But the writers were not all that good at developing the main characters backstories either. We know their cutie mark stories, which is cool, but other than that, info on their backstories is scarce. This is especially the case with Rainbow and Fluttershy, whose parents we didn't even get to see till season 6 and 7. We also practically know nothing about their Cloudsdale life other than that they went to flight camp together. So yeah, I'd say the writers w
  4. I've always just considered her a late bloomer myself, and I choose to stick with that. The staff never really explicitly said if she was disabled or not, so I think it it all up to individual interpretation.
  5. There is a silly little detail in Dragonshy which has had me thinking. In the episode, there is a scene where Fluttershy's wings lock up after hearing the dragon growl. It has made me ponder upon two main questions: what exactly makes pegasus wings lock up like this, and how common is it among pegasi (for instance, can it happen to any pegasi or just certain individuals, and on average how much does this happen in a pegasus's life?)? I'm curious to see what you all think.
  6. It's an interesting thing to think about. Considering seasons one and two are my favorite ones, I'd think she'd make the series a bit better then what we got, but that's hard to say for sure. I actually think it was her in combination with the early writers that helped make the series so good, not just her. So even though she did end up leaving early on, the original writers stuck around for a few more seasons to carry her legacy. After all the original writers were gone was really when the quality started to drop. But like I said before, it's to say what the show would be like if Faust stayed
  7. Now, I actually do think some of those earlier show-related dramas had some validity. For instance, Twilicorn hurt Twilights character and slightly damaged the dynamic of the mane six, and EQG did affect a few aspects of the show at the time. But the good thing is that the overall quality of the show wasn't ruined, more so just a bit dampened in my opinion. So as much as I disliked Twilight becoming an alicorn and EQG as a whole, they didn't negatively affect the show as much some of the choices that were in the later seasons (6-9).
  8. Eh, they may have been a bit ignorant, but I don't think the Wonderbolts are bad group of ponies. Of course, they acted pretty shady in Rainbow Falls and Rarity investigates, but they aren't perfect. Spitfire even admitted that Rainbow had taught her a lot of valuable things. Plus, I don't really think the Newbie dash situation was all their fault. Nicknames and teasing are just a normal part of military like environments and it's actually there to built tough bonded friendships; Dash should've known this beforehand. At the end of the episode it was even shown that the Wonderbolts actually did
  9. Underrated: Top Bolt Stare Master May the best Pet Win Hearth's Warming Eve Buckball Season Marks and Recreation Discordant Harmony Common Ground Overrated: The Last Problem The Perfect Pear (I don't dislike this episode, I just find it a bit overrated) Frenemies Suited for Success There are more episodes I'd consider underrated and overrated, but these are just some that came to mind.
  10. This is one of my favorite episodes in the entire series and is part of why Rainbow Dash is my second favorite character ! With an interesting concept, great worldbuilding, and a wonderfully written story, this episode has so much greatness going for it. Fluttershy and Rainbow were (and still are) my favorite characters, so I was excited to see those two being featured in the iconic beginning gag . I became even more interested when it was revealed that Rainbow had signed up for the best young flyers competition to pull off a sonic rainboom. Not only did it introduce a fascinating concept
  11. I already liked Fluttershy from the start, but this episode really made her my favorite. I like this episode so much that I've actually rewatched it numerous times. From the humor to the setting to the synopsis and to Fluttershy herself, this episode was very enjoyable to watch, and it still is today ! Starting with the synopsis and the theme, it is very interesting. We got a good taste of fantasy adventure with this episode, which I definitely appreciate. Then there is the journey upward and Fluttershy's adorable portrayal. Throughout the journey she made so many embarrassing slip ups du
  12. To be honest I find it kinda unfortunate that the series may in fact be 3D instead of 2D. I was really hoping for the series to be a nice, clean 2D with some 3D elements sprinkled in (like the 2017 movie). I mean, the G5 movie style looks okay, but the series is likely to be much lower quality due to being much longer than a movie. This could cause the series to look very cheap and plastic rather than fun and heartfelt . I still try to cling on to the hope that CG in this situation means Computer generated 2D, but it seems much less likely that that is the case.
  13. The big thing that comes to mind about wasted potential is the worldbuilding of Equestrian locations. From Fillydelphia, to Stratusburgh, to Hollow Shades, and more, there was so much potential for exploring new Equestrian locations. It's not just the undiscovered ones that had potential, but also many featured locations, especially Cloudsdale. Yet Cloudsdale was hardly ever shown more than a couple times, despite having so much potential for being a really fun and interesting location. The same thing goes for the Equestrian places that weren't shown. Instead, the writers tried to worldbuild o
  14. I really liked Fluttershy from the start, but the moment that really made her my favorite was when she went up against the Dragon in "Dragonshy". That episode was great because it showed her cute and cowardly side while also showing her step up for her friends in the end. To me, it showed that she was a flawed, but inspiring character who wanted to be the best friend she could be. That was really the big moment that officially made Fluttershy my favorite character.
  15. I'm not currently rewatching it right now, but I've watched it so much that I remember a lot of things regarding it, especially when it comes to the episodes I like . Other than the two times I've watched it through completely, I tend to just pick out certain episodes I like or am in the mood for. Maybe as we get closer to g5 I'll rewatch the series; most likely just the episodes I like though .
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