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  1. It really depends on what is being meant by superior. All three are very important to Equestria and they depend on each other. If one were to simply perish then the others would too. If we're basing this off of ability and potential power then I would have to say the Unicorns. There are no limits to what a Unicorn do. This eccentially makes them overpowered, but because very few can actually have seemingly limitless power; the entirety of Unicorns aren't op. But yes, this does still mean that they are superior on the power scale. Like I said though, all three are vital for Equestria and they all need each other.
  2. First off, I don't really see why an Earth Pony would want to join the Wonderbolts. I mean, they can't fly so therefore why would they want to join a flight brigade. Because of that, if one really did want to join the Wonderbolts they still couldn't do it. The Wonderbolts would probably just tell them that they couldn't because they don't have wings.So yeah, it wouldn't happen.
  3. A big part of it most likely has to do with family tradition. The apple family just wants to do things the way they always have, which means no magic. Another part could also be the Earth Pony pride. They want to show that they are perfectly capable and useful, even without magic and flying. It would kind of be like them thinking that flight and magic are just ways to cheat on life. Plus, they would think that their reputation would go down with a Unicorns helping out. Both of these seem like reasons in which the apple family would have.
  4. Yes, exactly! And I feel like it has just been getting worse overtime. Throughout the show Unicorns have been given more and more and Earth Ponies are just given the shaft. Pegasus abilities have been shown a descent amount, but the Pegasi themselves seem to be pretty underrepresented and underutilized. But back to what I was saying, the show itself doesn't do a good job at all in making the three pony races equal. So yeah, I agree.
  5. It does seem like Earth Ponies are getting the short end of the stick. From what I've seen, I think that its pretty much fact that they have a connection to Earth. But apart from that, I really am not sure what else they have. I fell like ideas like extra strength and extra senses are more like fan theories than actual canon. They were most likely put into the show without the intent on being an Earth Pony exclusive ability. But, despite the seeming lack of power, Earth Ponies are still doing well for themselves. They get by fine without magic and flight and do have some prominent figures. The real issue with them is just that the show itself doesn't really seem to care much about them. Like what people have said, the show has never really specifically emphasized what the extent of their powers is. This is really just because they don't care which is unfortunate; especially considering that they like to give the Unicorns seemingly infinite power and utilization. Although I'm pretty sure that ,most Earth Ponies get by fine, I could see some being jealous of Unicorns. Maybe they feel cheated by the system, like they are getting shafted. This idea is an interesting concept for an episode conflict or something along those lines.
  6. 1. Flutter Brutter 2. Hearth's Warming Eve 3. Winter Wrap Up 4. Three's a Crowd 5. Student Council 6. Molt Down 7. Not Asking for Trouble 8. Party Pooped 9. Just for Sidekicks
  7. I'm going to agree with what a lot of people are saying. There is no apple family rule saying that marrying non-Earth Ponies is prohibited. So most likely a couple members of the apple family fell in love with Pegasi and Unicorns. And then, some of their children were non-earth ponies. That's what I think this is all about. (In the top pic, a few of those ponies were just random background ponies thrown in.)
  8. Cloudchaser and Flitter are two of my favorites. They are cute, unique, and have lots of potential. From what I've seen, they have pretty good character. Plus, I just really like Pegasi.
  9. Yes, there are more Earth ponies than the other two when it comes to background ponies. But I was referring to the main/secondary characters in the foreground. In the case of them there is more of a focus on Unicorns. And if you think about it, the Pegasi are getting the short end of the stick either way. I'm just saying that overall the show has a bigger focus on Unicorns. I'm not saying that the show is bad because of that. I just wish that the show could shed more light on the Pegasi and Earth Ponies.
  10. I was also thinking along the lines that the Unicorns get most of the focus. Not just power. It just really seems like they get the most screen-time and representation in the show. Just think of all the main/secondary Unicorns: Twilight (pre-Alicorn), Rarity, Starlight, Sunburst, Trixie, and more. They seem to dominate the cast. Plus, their lore has been constantly talked about throughout the show, whereas Earth Ponies and Pegasi still have mysteries surrounding them. So yeah, it's not just power, it's also screen-time, characters, and lore. This all just proves that Unicorns have been given favoritism by the show. I am not saying that they don't care for the others, but they do care the most for the Unicorns.
  11. Exactly. The show has always seemed to focus on them and not as much on the others. Like I said before, Unicorns have been given less and less boundaries with their magic. It seemed that at least in the beginning they tried to make Unicorns as even as possible, but now that effort has been dropped. It's a shame.
  12. Yes, I agree. They are important, awesome, and are not op. Pegasus all the way
  13. I don't really think that the Earth ponies are op. In fact, on the power level scale they would probably place the lowest. This is due to the fact that we have seen Unicorns be able to do almost anything depending on their knowledge in magic, and we've seen that Pegasus Ponies can fly at great speeds and control the weather itself. This being said, I think that Earth Ponies have a very important role they play which makes them vital to Equestria. So what I am trying to say is that Earth ponies are definitely not overpowered, but they are really important.
  14. 1. Wonderbolts Academy 2. Parental Glidance 3. Dragonshy 4. Make new friends but keep Discord 5. May the Best Pet Win 6. Bats 7. Newbie Dash 8. Horse Play 9. She's all Yak
  15. I,ll go with Pegasus. First of all, flying would be very fun and useful. Getting from point A to point B would be very quick and easy with flight. Second, the ability to control weather would be useful also. Plus, the ability to walk and stand on clouds would be awesome because of the maximized comfort. Everything about being a Pegasus just seems so epic to me. I mean, magic is cool and all but when it comes to me, you can't beat flight. Pegasus FTW.