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  1. Fluttershy has pretty much always been my favorite character. She stood out to me as extremely cute; which is saying something since most of the ponies are really cute. Her personality and struggles are very relatable to many, including myself at times. Along with that, she's grown so much over the course of the show; despite what the Fluttershy haters say. She went from hardly talking to anypony outside her friend group, to becoming a symbol of Friendship. She's become more and more assertive throughout the seasons, and I think she's cute both when shy and assertive. Her character is very inspirational, and she deserves any praise she gets. As for why she's so cute, it's a mix between her personality and design. The "shy ones" usually tend to stand out as being cute because they seem the most soft and precious especially Fluttershy. Just the way she talks and acts also adds on to her cuteness. Then there's her design. It's simple, but at the same time, is very unique to her. Her soft yellow and pink color scheme, her smooth and flowing mane/tail, and even her soft feathered wings are all attributes of this. That's not even mentioning her adorable eyes and facial expressions. So yeah, Fluttershy is extremely cute, and it's easy to see.
  2. I would guess it all depends on the pony. Ponies like Pinkie and Fluttershy would probably be fine with it, whereas ponies like Rainbow Dash and Applejack may be opposed to it. To a pony, petting and belly rubs would most likely be considered a massage, which is why I'd think some would really like it. And we can assume the one doing the petting would like it too.
  3. I would have to say Rainbow Dash has the best voice. I just like her raspy voice with it's little voice cracks. Along with that is the enthusiasm she exerts through it. Her voice is really cute and overall, very fitting for her character. The runner-up would be Fluttershy. Her voice is so soft and sweet, and it is pretty calming. Plus, her cute voice really fits her cute design and personality. These two also happen to have the best singing voices. I love it every time they sing together!
  4. I am really glad they didn't end up turning her into an alicorn. Five is more than enough (I'm still iffy about Twilight becoming an alicorn, and Flurryheart really didn't need to be one). After Flurryheart, I was worried how many more alicorns we'd get; just so the show could sell more toys. Luckily, Starlight and the rest of the mane six didn't become ones. As for why Starlight becoming an alicorn would be bad idea, it is incredible unneeded. For one, Starlight never quite did anything to earn alicornship. Second, what would she even be the alicorn princess of? Besides, she's already extremely overpowered. How would becoming an alicorn even benefit her? There would be no purpose or gain out of making her an alicorn. Let's just say, I would be pretty peeved if she did become an alicorn. Good thing she never did, though.
  5. I have a ton of pony OCs, so that would quite the clustered room. I have protagonists, antagonists, and some in the middle. My guess is that the antagonists would first try to fight the protagonists, but then end up just fighting each other to see who's the best. Meanwhile the protagonists would group up and try to formulate a plan. As for my non-mlp OCs, they would stand in a corner confused. I mean, I have way more pony OCs, so they would be quite outnumbered.
  6. Season 2 is definitely my favorite. If you ask me, this is the quintessential season of My Little Pony. It has that classic charm along with good pacing, great episode plots, amazing character development, and great world-building. It took the amazing quality of season 1 and expanded upon it in an even better way, and that's saying something since I like season 1 more than most people. Plus, season 2 has such a great lineup of episodes. Some examples are - The Return of Harmony, A Canterlot Wedding, Lesson Zero, May the Best Pet Win, Hearths Warming Eve, The Last Roundup, and my favorite in the entire series: Hurricane Fluttershy. So yeah, Season 2 is the best season in my opinion. In case you are wondering, here is my ranking of the seasons: 2>4>1>7>5>6>3>9>8
  7. A glider or some sort of solution would've helped Scootaloo's situation. Since the show did go down the route of having her disabled, seeing something like that would've worked. I just simply think she should've flied by the end. The late bloomer character arch would've worked just as well for her if not better. With all the other unfortunate circumstances shoved at Scootaloo, being disabled on top of that caused the show to make her come off as pitiable. Plus, as you've mentioned, they hinted at her being a late bloomer so much that I and many others feel deceived that they took a whole different route. So yeah, I would've had her fly by the end. But you're on to something with the flying device idea. That's the least the writers could've done to help Scootaloo's situation.
  8. Yes, I would say almost all of my OCs could totally be in the show. Both their designs and stories would work in the grand scheme of the show. I find OCs along these lines way more interesting and overall, easier to follow. Therefor, I try to keep almost all my OCs fun and relatable. I personally much prefer pony OCs that look like they could appear in the show. I think it shows lots of creativity when somebody can make a unique OC that still fits the scope of the show. Color scheme, mane and tail designs, and clothing/accessories are three great ways to make a pony OC creative while still making sense. Plus, you can add unique little things like coat splotches and multicolored wings and still be show-accurate; since we've seen ponies with those little details in the show. I would just steer away from eye-straining color schemes and definitely steer far away from alicorns. Same can be said about story. Don't get me wrong, you can have a detailed, vast, even a little wacky at times backstory for your OC. It's not to hard to believe that there is some wackiness going on in the magical land of colorful horses. I would just tell one to make sure the story could still be in the realm of the possible for Equestria. Now, if you'r OC is from an AU, that's a whole different story, but if your OC is meant to take place the show universe, or something close to it, then keep it somewhat structured.
  9. I would probably have to say Princess Luna. I feel she has the most mystery surrounding her; plus, she's not just your typical goody two-shoes princess. She had a really tough past and still struggles with things. Although none of the princess are very relatable, Luna seems to be the most relatable out of them. Now, in general, I don't like the weird misproportionate designs of alicorns, but I would say Luna has a decent design. I like how her mane actually looks like a starry night sky. So while I'm not a big fan of the princesses in general, Luna would be my favorite of the bunch.
  10. Nope, and I'm very glad they didn't become alicorns. A part of what makes the mane six so interesting is that they are, excluding twilight, just ordinary ponies. Yeah, they are very good at what they do, but they aren't big powerful entities of perfection. They are just a group of earth ponies, pegasi, and a unicorn (again, I have to exclude Twilight. Her alicornship kinda screwed with the dynamic of the group) who are doing what they can to help Equestria and spread friendship. If they all became alicorns, they would loose their relatability, and frankly, much of what makes their characters interesting. Plus, their newfound power would make them Mary Sue-ish, which would be terrible. If the show had decided to make them all alicorns, I would've most likely given up on it. Now, I may have stuck around the fandom, but for watching the show itself, I'd be done. The mane six are one of the, if not the most important aspect of MLP. Take their character away, and the show loses almost all of its quality. But luckily, they stayed as their normal selves, which I am very grateful for.
  11. I would definitely choose to be my OC. I mean, I'd be in Equestria, so might as well be a pony rather than my human self. The best part is, my OC is a pegasus. That means I'd be able to fly all around, manipulate weather, and even walk/sleep on clouds! I wouldn't even be too upset about loosing my hands because the perks of being pegasus are far too great. So yeah, I'd choose to be my OC.
  12. To be honest, I'd be kinda bored. I'm not a big fan of the student six, so it would be pretty awkward. I guess I could take them downtown or to a park, but I wouldn't really talk with them much. It would be a pretty lame experience for me. Now if i could spend the day with the mane 6, this would be a whole different story.
  13. I am a bit conflicted on this one because I just want CozyGlow to be reformed. I want to specify, just CozyGlow; not the other two. Tirek and Chrysalis can stay villains for all I care. CozyGlow is just a filly, after all. Her treatment seemed extremely unfair, especially since the mane six hardly even tried to reform her. It was just straight to Tartarus. Some ways to make this all work could be along the lines of Twilight just trying to free CozyGlow, but then accidentally freed the others in the process. Or maybe she attempted to reform all three, but Tirek and Chrysalis get away and continue any evil plans they have. I just think Cozy deserves a second chance. I mean, they reformed Starlight, so why not CozyGlow.
  14. No, I really don't think she should. The fact is, death is a part of life. Just cause Twilight is able to use her overpowered alicorness to cheat it, doesn't mean her friends should. They way I see it, is that they lived their lives to the fullest; in other words, they lived their destinies. Each played a major role in saving Equestria, and I'd say they all have quite the legacy. Plus, that kind of immortality seems more unpleasant than anything. So no, Twilight shouldn't turn her friends into stone for immortality.
  15. Alright, first and foremost, I want the show to have a heavy focus on ponies like it did in the earlier seasons. I just don't want the non-ponies to be the primary focus like they were during the last two seasons. They can, however, be mysterious and potentially dangerous creatures which the ponies come across on quests and such (or they could be villains/antagonists). I definitely want them to keep the main three types (Earth Ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi), and on-top of that, I'd like them to be as balanced as possible. Unicorns were overpowered throughout g4 and need some serious nerfing. I wouldn't be totally opposed to there being more subspecies of ponies though; just as long as they are still PONIES (Batponies, kelpies, etc). That being said, I'd still want the main three types to be the main focus. It's My little Pony after all, and it should stick to developing ponies. To be more specific on the main cast, I would like there to be at least one if not two members from each of the three main pony types (like g4). If they do add more subspecies of ponies, we could possibly get one of each in the group. Who knows, maybe instead of the elements being based on friendship traits, they're based on magical/physical elements. But that's just a thought, I would still be fine if their magical connection was based off of friendship. These are just some of my thought's on what the protagonists would be like. Only time will tell us what they really end up being.