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  1. I would say that towards the beginning of the show Ponyville had somewhere around 750-1000 living there. But towards the end of the show after all the publicity and events that happened there it is probably closer to 2000 (maybe even a bit higher). I got this estimate by looking at Ponyville and comparing it's size with that of small towns in the United States. It can be quite surprising how many people (or ponies in this case) can live in such a small area. That's just my logic on the matter.
  2. Recently I have been seeing things where Unicorns and Earth Ponies create and/or use working mechanical wings. It has really got me thinking about what problems would arise with this. In my opinion, I think that mechanical wings for non-pegasi is a bad idea. First of, it would probably cause much conflict, The Pegasi would feel like the others are trying to undermine them by making flight something that anypony could do. It makes sense to me why they would be a bit upset. Flight is a big part of what makes Pegasi special, but if anypony can do it they wouldn't be as special. Plus, the Unicorns and Earth ponies would still have their innate abilities along with flight. The whole situation seems a bit unfair for the Pegasi. I feel that Earth Ponies and Unicorns are already fine the way they are, and therefore they don't need mechanical wings. But that is just my opinion on the matter. I would like to see your opinions on the subject. I'm quite curious too see what you all think.
  3. Here is the self esteem for my five main ocs. Double Flame: High - Has lots of confidence and is very proud of his accomplishments. RivetWing: Medium - Is usually confident for the most part, but will sometimes let his faults try to tell him otherwise. StormFlower: Low - Tends to think low of herself and has some pretty big insecurity issues. CometPlay: Medium - He can get a bit cocky sometimes but for the most part he doesn't think of himself too highly. JoyFinder: Medium - For the most part is fine with herself, but her self-esteem can drop a bit in times of stress or conflict.
  4. 1. He was skeptical about Discord at first, but as time went by he has grown used to him. In fact, he now realizes that Discord can be quite fun. 2. He doesn't like changelings one bit. They have been nothing but a nuisance to him and he would feel very uncomfortable with them living in the same city. 3. He doesn't care. He likes both princesses. 4. He would at first think that pony was crazy. But after a bit of convincing, he would start to believe.
  5. I went with Pegasi, hooves down. The idea of flight has always intrigued me ever since I was really young. Plus, I am a bug fan of roller coasters, which can simulate flight pretty well. Not only that, but when I first started watching My Little Pony, the Pegasi had intrigued me the most. Ever since then, Pegasi have been my favorite mythical creature. All this is not even including their special abilities they have in MLP. They can control the weather and walk on clouds along with being able to fly. They also are the most aesthetically pleasing in my opinion. They always look so cute and graceful when they are soaring across the sky. I know that I'm rambling, but it is hard not too, they are just so cool. So those are some of the reasons I chose to be a Pegasus.
  6. Double Flame owns many things, but here are five: - A house - An Anemometer (device used to calculate wing-power) - Books on flight technique - A computer - Headphones
  7. Back when I first made my main oc I shipped him with Fluttershy. But then I kinda realized how weird the ship was, and I ended it. Now he is in love with JoyFinder, another oc I made. It overall seems like a much better ship.
  8. Like I have said before, I have many ocs. Currently, out of the main five I have, all of them currently reside in Ponyville. But they all came from different places. Here is where they all came from. Double Flame: Cloudsdale RivetWing: Fillydelphia StormFlower: Skydive Valley ( A city west of Fillydelphia that somewhat resembles Pittsburgh) CometPlay: Glistengale ( A small diamond mining town in northeast Equestria) JoyFinder: Stonefield ( A somewhat nice suburb of Detrot) As you can see, a lot of their birthplaces are cities and towns that I made up. This is not because I have something wrong with the locations that are cannon. It's just that I really love to create all sorts of new places.
  9. I have created so many ocs I can't even count. Although, I have only actually drawn a few of them. The rest are still in my head, but I have created personalities and backstories for all of them. Making ocs is just really fun to do. I find that whenever I'm bored I pick one of my favorite ocs and think of more story and characterization for said character. Out of all my characters I'd say there are five that are really the main ones. Double Flame: He is a blue Pegasus with a fire-colored mane. RivetWing: He is a yellow Pegasus with a grey mane. StormFlower: She is a dull blue Pegasus with an indigo, purple, and blue mane. CometPlay: He is a blue Unicorn with a blue mane. JoyFinder: She is a green Unicorn with a green and pink mane.
  10. I would probably miss them a bit at first, but then I would get over it. A big part in helping me not care would be my wings. My mind would quickly be off of my lack of hands and directed to the ability of flight. Some things may be harder to do with my lack of fingers, but I can always remember that I can spread my wings and take to the skies whenever I want. Plus, I could use my wings as hands every once and a while. To conclude, I would still be pretty content living in Equestria without my fingers.
  11. My main OC, Double Flame, has a pet cat named Flash. He is an orange and white tabby and has green eyes. He is very hyper, adventurous, and eager for attention. (Oh and FYI, I did not name him with the super hero in mind. I named him Flash because it seemed like a very fitting name for him.)
  12. It was pretty hard since both are cute and have their cute moments. But I still had to go with Fluttershy. She has always been the cutest of the mane six to me and is just very cutesy in general. It almost feels like everything she does is immediately made cute . That's not even including her super cute personality. Yep, she is the cutest.
  13. To be honest, I'd probably start out by being a little disappointed that I didn't become a Pegasus. Then, I would try to figure out how to use my horn. Obviously starting out with basic telekinesis. Once I figure out that I might try one or two more super basic spells and then be content. Magic has never been my main interest after all. Once I have fully conquered telekinesis I can try to live like I was living. Only now I have a magical horn upon my head.
  14. This question is a bit hard in the sense that it is based on the individual. We have seen examples of Pegasi who fly a ton and some who don't do it as much. Same goes for the Unicorns. Not only that, but some ponies may be more adaptable than others. So it's really hard to answer in that sense. Although, I do feel that there is an answer. As a whole, Pegasi would be the most affected by this. The main reason is how so many Pegasi attribute themselves to skyward living. Many Pegasi live in cloud cities and spend their time trying to control the weather. When it comes to Unicorns, they don't tend to adopt this big magic reliant culture. Some do but not nearly as much as Pegasi. And speaking of weather, Equestria would be utterly screwed if the Pegasi lost their flight. Weather would be uncontrolled and chaos would ensue. It wouldn't affect Equestria as much if Unicorns lost their magic because it's the princesses who control the sun and the moon (or I guess that would be twilight now). Both cases are pretty bad, but in general, Pegasi losing their flight would be worse.
  15. I personally prefer Pegasi. Things like flight, weather control, cloud-walking, etc. are both fun and useful. It would be so helpful to be able to to fly anywhere you wanted. Plus, it would just be downright cool to be able to fly. Throw this in with the fact that they can literally control the weather, and you start to realize how epic they really are. Out of the three, they have definitely fascinated me the most. Now, we could also take an objective look at the question. In overall usefulness, all three types of ponies are pretty much equal. Each having an important role in Equestria. Although, if your judging by power potential, then unicorns would win that. This is just because the seemingly limitless range of magical ability. Although only the most powerful unicorns can use all of this magic. Most average unicorns are right there tied with the other two on the power scale. But like I said, that is just the power scale. They all seem equally important for Equestria. Overall this question is very opinion based. Some people prefer Unicorns. Some people prefer Pegasi, and some people even prefer Earth ponies. It all depends on the individual's preference when determining which is better.