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  1. Spatsi

    Rubik's cube

    Rubik's cube? That's my hobby(I've got twelve cubes)! My best time is 15 seconds, but it usually takes me about 20 seconds. If you want to learn how, there are many good tutorials in the Internet.
  2. Spatsi

    I can't talk to people unless I have a reason!

    I got exactly the same issue, but I don't call it a "problem". I just don't like talking to people without a reason, all these "small-talks" really annoy me and I don't think my attitude is bad. Actually, it's typical for introverts Anyway, it's not something weird or rare. There are many people just like you, although you don't always notice them.
  3. Spatsi

    Which Element of Disharmony do you represent most?

    I've just realized I strongly represent most of them(besides betrayal). I must be a horrible person. Anyway, first place goes to isolation. I have very few friends, but, to be honest, I meet them only because we're classmates. I leave my home only to go to school or to practice running, since I am preparing to marathon. But, is it really bad? I don't really like people(well, most of them), but I don't hurt anyone because of it. I am not that bad after all.
  4. Spatsi

    Powerpuff Girl references in MLP:FiM

    I've always thought about it rather in this way: Blossom/Twilight - egghead Bubbles/Fluttershy - cute girl who likes animals Buttercup/Rainbow Dash - sporty tomboy
  5. Spatsi

    Introverts vs. Extroverts

    Basically, yes. I don't really feel need to check if everything is OK with my friends. As you said, if everything is fine, there's no reason to call them, if something's wrong, they'll call me. My mom hast exactly opposite attitude, so when I stay home alone for a few days she simply MUST call me at least 2 times per day. She cannot believe that I can survive a few days on my own. Kinda annoying, but cute at the same time.
  6. Spatsi

    Introverts vs. Extroverts

    100% Introvert. After spending some time with other people I need my time alone to charge my batteries. I don't really care about social interaction to be honest. I have very few friends and I'm fine with that. I can spend a long time without any kind of interaction with other people and feel completely OK.
  7. Spatsi

    Music Favourite Album of All Time?

    I've listened to many awesome albums, but there are two which have special place in my heart: Dark Side Of The Moon The Wall (both by Pink Floyd, ofc) I really can't decide which one is better.
  8. Spatsi

    Movies/TV Ed Edd N Eddy

    One of my favorite cartoons ever! I remember watching it when I was small. I still like to watch some episodes from time time. For all people who still wanna know waht's under Double D's hat:
  9. Spatsi

    Parents & Families

    Well, I think AJ's parents are simply dead, but it cannot be said, because it's a cartoon for children after all, so they need to avoid serious topics. In Apple Family Reunion we can see 2 shooting stars which represent AJ's parents:
  10. Spatsi

    Your darkest fears

    1. Losing my parents. I hardly ever have nightmares, but when I do, they're always about my parents dying. 2. Public places - post office, shop, airport and other places with lots of people inside. I have the impression that everyone is looking at me, and waiting until I do something embarrassing. 3. Cockroaches - I don't know why, but when I see these little fuckers I scream like a little girl.
  11. Spatsi

    Movies/TV The most emotional you ever got about a cartoon

    It's nice to see I am not the only one who got emotional about this. After watching "Aftershock pt.II" I was crying for 2 days (holy shit, I'm so pathetic...). Especially that moment when Terra says "I have to stay" - the saddest thing I have ever seen in a cartoon.
  12. Spatsi

    Do you fear dying?

    Not sure, really. I am afraid of dying, but I'm not afraid of being dead. I mean, I do fear, that "process" of dying is going to be extremely painful(so I'd rather die suddenly, or asleep), but when you eventually die, you don't feel anything anymore, so it sounds quite... neutral. I have been dead for ~13 billion years and I haven't been sad because of that. From a rational point of view, there is nothing to be afraid of. There is no hell, no heaven, just nothingness.
  13. Spatsi

    Do you hate Trixie?

    Not really. To be honest, I've been her fan since her first episode, and now, after Magic Duel, I like her even more. Sure, she brags a lot( actually, Dashie does exactly the same) but nopony's perfect, right?
  14. Spatsi

    Do you still have a kid's soul?

    I am 17 right now, but I don't feel like 17, to be honest. I think I'll be a child for the rest of my life. I enjoy doing childish things like cartoons, comics, collecting toys and so on. Growing up has always been my greatest fear, since I was a little kid. All children wanted to be an adult already, but I was crying myself to sleep, because I knew I would grow up in the end. If I had choice, I would be 10 years old forever. The picture? Of course I know what's on it. "The Little Prince" is one of the best books I ever read.
  15. Spatsi


    I simply love snow! I know it may cause some problems, but still, I cannot imagine Xmas without it. Winter is my second favorite season, right after spring. here, in Poland, situation with snow is quite... weird. We had a lot of snow in October, but now it doesn't snow at all . weather is crazy this year.