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Hello, I'm Maud Shakespeare


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I live in a very small, conservative town in Texas along the border of New Mexico. Because of this, not many people support the idea of a person older than ten watching a show involving rainbow-colored ponies. I tend to be awkward around people, so I spend most of my time around my animals, and a hobby of mine is writing. I also enjoy roleplaying, which I can do when I actually get around to creating my OC... (Can't help it, was raised in a family of major procrastinators). 

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Hello and welcome! If you want to meet some other flutters fans, you should certainly go check out her fan club!

And don't worry about not having an oc yet, spend enough time here and you are bound to patch one together. I hope you enjoy your time here, and brohoof /)

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Welcome to the forums! :D

Awesome to have ya! I live in a very small town too, tough not quite in Texas, but I do know your feels. :/

Anyway, hope you have a blast here! If you ever need any help or anything, or just want to chat, feel free to shoot me a PM!

Hope to see you posting around!

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