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Who is your pony waifu?


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I've had a few over the years, weird as it feels to say... In no real order, here they are:

  • Twilight Sparkle (My first best pony all the way back when I joined the fandom in 2014. She's the pony I could relate to the most, and I did used to have a crush on Sci-Twi.)
  • Rarity (Really started to like her more as I got back into doing art. While fashion and dressmaking are more her thing, I find her to be kind of an inspiration. She's also quite pretty, and I like how the series depicted her throughout...)
  • Sunset Shimmer (I don't know why, I just like Sunset Shimmer after she reformed!)
  • Lighthoof (More recently developed crush, love her colour scheme, as well as her mane, especially the cute curl by her forehead, and the sound of her voice. Somehow, despite not being into sport, I like seeing the passion she has for cheerleading, and she's got a hint of elegance to her) and Shimmy Shake (Can't really mention Lighthoof without mentioning her too, she compliments Lighthoof really well, and is also kind of beautiful in her own way), don't think I'll ever get over how I wish both characters were in more episodes, even if just in the background.
  • Roseluck (She's among the background ponies that have stood out to me at times)
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