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Snips and Snails are two school age colts who get a lot of hate by both fans and characters from the show. If you, like me, see them in a different light, then this fan club is perfect for you.




  1. Keep all posts relating to Snips and Snails.
  2. Do not post hateful things about any pony
  3. Do not post NSFW images. They are school age colts!
  4. Sweetie Belle posts belong in the Sweetie Belle fan club, Diamond Tiara posts belong in the Diamond Tiara fan club. 
  5. Make sure you obey the site rules.

Snips and Snails Review:


Snips and Snails get a lot more hate than they deserve. Most may see them as two mentally incapible colts who are there for comedic relief. I see something else. I see two colts who are clever, determined, and optimistic.


In "Show Stoppers" they preform a magic act and includes something funny. I see that as them being clever. The other two groups who preformed were focused on a certain reward. Snips and Snails were seemingly going for two different rewards which put them at an advantage. They may not get the best grades, but they are intelligent in a different way.


Their determination is shown multiple times. They went through the Everfree forest, found an Ursa Minor, and woke it up to see Trixie vanquish it. They were foolish to do that, but they were still able to go that far. Also, they got gum on their bum twice. The second time was on purpose. We don't know their actual reason for doing it again, but they had to have known how much it hurt to remove it. I personally think they were trying to help the CMC. in Flight to the Finish, they tried to be a flag carrier despite everyone going against them. They may not have the best intentions, but they have determination.


Their optimism is another trait that I see in them. In Flight to the Finish, when everyone gives them disapproving glances when they say they want to carry the flag for the Equestria Games, they says "It could happen." They also see the good in others and do not seem to hate anyone. They are not afraid to be themselves.


I think they do silly things on purpose. They are even considered class clowns, so it seems like they want other ponies to laugh. They will go far as making a fool of themselves to make others laugh. They don't try to hurt other ponies. (The human version of them two do not count, and they thought Trixie could vanquish it.) They are colts who like to have a little bit a fun. They really only did something really terrible once, and it was partially Trixie's fault for claiming she could vanquish and Ursa Major.  




If you agree that Snips and Snails are amazing characters, then post to your heart's content. 

Thanks to the word count, I have to say something. Snips and Snails are getting cookies. :D



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