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  1. Unnamed Girl #15 Eco-kid Has a color scheme similar to that of Bitta Luck. source: http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Equestria_Girls_characters I think she is rather cute :3
  2. GuyWithAName

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    One day! 172,628
  3. the artwork seems a bit too much and I'm not one for OTT rock.
  4. Owlowiscious is best pony Who? Owlowiscious Who? Owlowiscious Keep it clean! [i'll add more stuff to this over time]
  5. Thanks after a search I found openstreetmap.org currently registering now to see what it is like it confused me, anyone more ideas would be apriciated.
  6. MLP merchandise world map idea (anyone think of a better title) Wouldn't a world map with all the locations you can buy pony stuff on be cool. Imagine you go to your local store and notice they are selling mlp blind bag ponies, you go on the website and find the shops location and add a thing saying it sells blind bags! This is written poorly but I hope you understand
  7. I agree with the loveable idiots thing, I think they are a nice pair (wasn't there a story or something about them with luna in aswell?)
  8. This sounds cool, we have had the bats episode (one of my favs) but I think they could pull off another
  9. there was a video of rainbow dash and joker
  10. Anything that buzzes (flys wasps bees whatever) just hate buzzing *shudder* and also anything that'll attack
  11. yeah but this started a while before the announce... also I hope people get modding and figure it out as fast as possible
  12. Joined! Glad there is a page!
  13. *blows away dust from old thread* yes, I think your right.
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