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    I'm new here!
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    I LOVE horses! And my little pony, video games, hanging out with friends, going to Disneyland, hunting for pony merch, drawing.

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  1. Thin mints! I like all of them but thin mints are my favorite. Especially when they are put in the freezer. Mmmmm
  2. I don't really game on pc but I have an xbox 360, wii u and 3DS that I play alot. For my xbox I use a turtle beach headset, it's called x12 and I use the limited edition blue chrome xbox 360 controller.
  3. Welcome! I'm new here too. Have a good time!
  4. PonyLove102

    MLP Dog Tags

    Try Walmart and Target. They're $3 there, sadly I can't really find them anywhere around here but they may be at your store.
  5. Wow your room is so awesome! Thanks for sharing. I'm jealous of all the ponies.
  6. I would love to see a picture of all of this
  7. PonyLove102

    MLP Dog Tags

    I have the trixie and wonderbolts dog tags! I would love to get more but they're hard for me to find now. I can find them at hot topic but they cost more there. Ugh.
  8. We're did you find that? It looks adorable! And I think walmart and target have fleece mlp blankets.
  9. That's a very good deal and they look amazing. I love plushies! The buildabear ones are awesome too, I have the fluttershy one
  10. PonyLove102

    Hi I'm new here.

    Uh oh! I like all the ponies but fluttershy is my favorite. Don't worry pinkie gets some love too
  11. Thanks! I've seen them on eBay but they're kind of expensive.
  12. PonyLove102

    Hi I'm new here.

    Well thank you for doing the same for me! It feels good to be welcomed.
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