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Alicorn OCs=Automatically Bad?


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I really wanted to create an Alicorn Oc, buy I'm afraid of the backlash. I keep hearing how people hate OCs, which deters me from writing the story I really want to.


The OC in Question is named Ambrosia. Its based on the Greek myth of how the world was founded...sort of. Celestia was the eldest at the time, controlling the sky and the heavens (for a brief time period-I'll get to that), Luna controled the Moon and water (sea) while the youngest-Ambrosia, dealt with the dead. However, she didn't choose that fate. It was chosen for her-in a way. You see, she grew amazing things. Her magic controlled like most earth ponies like her at the time, but hers was great. Too great. It put forth the newly formed kingdom to shambles. The drawback was horrendous towards the ponies. The ponies couldn't die at first-while food was plentiful at first, it became quickly scarce when the power shifted negative and ponies died. (Think of Elsa. When she thought Anna died, the ice melts. Think of an uncontrollable power similiar suit, but the price meant decay) Sorrowfully, they had to rid her to save the kingdom and to control the magic. So that became her job. Her magic ended up crafting the ponies, granting life and a world for her ponies to thrive after that, but also brought pain and decay. That was the fate of the Princess of Life and Death-but she doubted ponies heard of the 'life' part. The ponies loved her prior, but now her name is a curse. They fear her and she can't understand. She gave them everything in exchange for loneliness. She gave them heaven and Tarturus. She gave LIFE. But here Luna had gone-crafting a beautiful night that overshadowed her own present to the world. Celestia already looks like a goddess in her own way. After an incident-she couldn't take it and decided that if nopony loved her gift of life and death, nopony would get it. She gets turned back to normal after attempting to create a barren world. She makes it her duty to get back on level with her subjects after forgetting her latest visit. Though, she struggles with the smeared history Celestia chooses to ignore along with maturity-what it means to rule.(Which causes this mess) She calls upon Twilight to help her again.


Celestia ruled the heavens briefly because Ambrosia had become something similar to Nightmare Moon, instead trapping her in Tarturus. (Which is while she 'forgot' her visits)


Yeah..she might be considered bad.

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