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Something I made in Math class today


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So in Math today we were doing literally nothing, so I decided to do a little bit of pony-type art. It was a little awkward since I was sitting right next to a girl who... would sort of tell everybody if she saw, but luckily she was preoccupied, so I had at least a little bit of privacy. Anyways, I sketched up a little pic of Rainbow Dash and started coloring it with some crayons in a box next to me, but unfortunately I was unable to finish it, as class had ended. This is that picture.


And when I got home I scanned it to the computer and finally finished it up. This is THAT picture.


The anatomy's a little off, but that's because I had NO reference sheet. Bleh. Good enough for government work, as they say.


What do YOU think?

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For a rough sketch done in the middle of class, it's pretty good. The left leg's a bit off, but that's about it.


Well... thanks, I suppose. :)


Cool the after scan looks good


Yeah, I added a few effects. :P
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That's better than anything I could ever draw. Their head always comes out really big and fat.


Practice makes perfect. :D


I just now realized that it kinda looks like the art style from the Rainbow Dash Presents fan-series. :o

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