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My first traditional Pinkie art

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"Pinkie Pie first no-reference sketch" (


First traditional drawing in a long time.
Without any reference - purely from memory. I wanted to see how good my visual imagination is.





"Traditional Pinkie" (


My first colored traditional MLP drawing ever and traditional drawing in general in a very long time. Made with a printed-out reference vector on the side.

She turned out a big chubby, but hey, you can imagine, haha. The eyes are a little too circular for my taste. Otherwise I'm quite satisfied with this. Took quite a while, too, and involved experimenting with various line drawing and coloring means. Pencil sketching first, then black lines with a marker, coloring at the borders and small areas with pencil, the hair with regular chalk and the rest with oil chalk or what it's called, where you apply water to make it cover properly. (The brighter spot on the torso was an improvement attempt that I shouldn't have made and then I just wanted to finish it and I couldn't fix it.)
I left some chalk smudges on the paper, so I thought I'll make this a minimalist background coloring, took a yellow chalk and smudged some more. You know ... Pinkie Pie style. ^^
The whole procedure made me appreciate digital art means. So clean, so much control, so many easy color choices, haha.




If you like this... I appreciate support greatly. I'm struggling with general motivation and it took me quite a bit to even make these.

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That's really good, it'd make pinkie proud ^ ^

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The anatomy is really bad in this... Make sure to use your references a lot so you don't pick up some bad habits accidentally by just using your own imagination.

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