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Who was your first ever crush on?


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  • 2 years later...

My very first celebrity crush was Sarah Michelle Gellar

There was also this girl group that was around when I was in elementary school...my cousins and I all liked them. Play. I had a crush on...Rosie I think her name was. Had a picture of her on my binder that I cut out from my cd booklet.

My first school crush was on a girl named Shayna in third grade.

My first fictional character crush was....I believe Disney Princess Belle

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My first IRL crush was on a kid in my elementary school named Jake, but I was only a 3rd grader so I couldn’t truly understand if I was really crushing on him or not (it was a small crush if anything).

My first “celebrity” crush was on Mandopony/Andrew Stein cause I liked his voice and thought he was cute but I ended up losing respect for him after hearing some bad news about him.

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Oh it's so cringe-worthy. I regret my behavior towards this person. Someone in 10th grade. Heck, if I ever see them I'd definitely apologize for being so desperate/sad (or just.. act normal like it never happeed and they can figure out I might have changed). That's all I'll say. I've learned to be more passive and not crush on people if they aren't sort of friends with me already (she hardly was).

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  • 2 weeks later...

First ever, Period? It would have to be  Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. LMAO

But my first crush on a real person would be a guy I met online back in 2012(Only grew a crush on him in 2017)

Never told him oops. We're still friends

Then there was another friend I met on Discord, through a FNaF server, we're still good friends as well though.

But now my current crush I met on Discord, and already met IRL twice, going on three times, pretty soon.

We're honestly growing closer by the day, and he makes me so happy.

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  • 2 years later...

My first crush was on a girl in the first grade named Elizabeth. I would get all nervous around her and tried to play it cool at times. I knew her up until 3rd grade since I moved away back then. Crazy part is that years later during college, we found each other on Facebook and caught up! I found out that she felt the same back then. Though during the years I was away, she moved to the east coast where she got married very young and changed completely! She used to be very religious, shy, and quiet, but then she got tattoos, piercings, and into certain things that I cannot speak of here. She started to tell me more about her life to the point where she asked something uncomfortable and I stopped speaking to her there.  I realized that I dodged a bullet thankfully, but yeah that was my first crush :ButtercupLaugh:

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