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44 minutes ago, Sunset Rose said:

Ms. Hennessy,

I've actually got one! It's a rose-tipped quill over a sheet of parchment. A personalized symbol of my passion for literature.


How difficult do you think it would have been for the bearers of the elements of harmony to accomplish the same things they have if they were only half the age are now?

Elley-Ray Hennessy: "I think that those qualities they have are timeless and that their age wouldn't change anything.  I think that their core energy is what comprises the Elements, and that's what matters most.  Mistmane and the other Legends, for instance, their qualities are as much a part of their core values and those haven't changed at any point in their lives.  They already have all the magic, so even if they were half their ages, I think they would be all the same."

43 minutes ago, Techno Universal said:

Okay soo... :)

1. What would you think if my ponysona OC that was 100% based off myself in real life was an alicorn stallion that was a combination between all the elements and theoretically could possibly be the original creator of equestria?

2. How would you react to Hasbro liking the head canons and theories of a young adult from the fandom so much to the point that they invite them to be one of the new head writers for the show?

3. Would you think that the storyline of the show in the future would more focus on what real threatening problems there are in our society so the show could actually be interpreted as something that we can follow to save ourselves from possible extinction?

Elley-Ray Hennessy: "That is AWESOME!  I think that is so awesome.  One, I love stallions.  But to combine all the elements?  That is like odd.  That is like something so powerful, huge, Techno Universal, I love it.  Would it have light shine out of it's eyes?  Would it have certain... how would you tell it was comprised of all the elements? What would it look like?  What do you think it would look like, Techno Universal?

I think that is the best thing ever.  I think that Hasbro should give the fandom some role in writing for the show, to a certain extent.  Unfortunately the second that new and better writers start getting hired by the show, inevitably, someone else is gonna lose their job, so that's one reason Hasbro is hesitant to bring in new people, especially from outside the industry.

I would love to see that.  We can use stories that are happening right now in the real world to create great storylines and episodes, stories about how people come together and share ideas and their belief systems.  You're allowed to write whatever you want, so I think we should use it as a powerful platform."

37 minutes ago, Sunset Rose said:

Any unconfirmed fact about her that isn't immediately clear in the show. Some of the ones I know of are that Celestia really loves cake and struggles with her diet because of it. One saying that she actually wrote the old storybook that Twilight was reading in the pilot of the show. (I don't know if this one is confirmed or not, but) whether or not her use of the elements of harmony on Nightmare Moon was when her hair changed from the pale pink color to that pastel rainbow she has now.

Elley-Ray Hennessy: "Fan theories are all based in truth to some extent, so whatever you believe about the story you see, it's your truth.  So what do you believe about her?

34 minutes ago, PathfinderCS said:

Any chance we'll see you at any conventions this year?

Also; open to voicing any deer if they show up in the show? ^^

Elley-Ray Hennessy: "I would so be a deer if I got the chance!  I post animals of all kinds on my Twitter and would love to play any kind of animal in the show.  The closest I've come to playing a deer is when I got to play a bison and a moose.

I'm going to three, possibly four conventions next year, not allowed to say which ones yet, but yes, I am going to conventions next year."

30 minutes ago, Woohoo said:

Since you can voice act, can you sing as well?

Also, am I asking too many questions? :confused:

Elley-Ray Hennessy: "I love you Woohoo, you are not asking too many questions!  I can sing very much so, I've been nominated seven times for Best Actress for the Dora Mavor Moore awards, which are like a Canadian version of the Tony Awards.  I'm more of a character-singer than an operatic singer, and in most animation series you have to sing.  As a character singer, I sing more in character than utilizing vocal talent."

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Yeah honestly Elley I believe I can answer your question there as really that character I'm talking about actually is my OC and he's also not much different to who I seemingly am in real life! He's actually completely robotic under his external skin but he still has his original brain from when he was a human as I think of him as myself in the far future! He even has a massive cape that he really enjoys snuggling in! :)


Okay I guess that answers your questions but anyways...

Apparently I once had a dream that felt real with me in the show cast mostly writing the third MLP feature movie plus I was even voicing my own OC in that movie and the main villain was apparently my OC's brother who was equally as powerful as him. So would you think that a dream like that could possibly come true?

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Hello, Ellen! Very nice of you to take the time for talking to the fandom! If you're allowed to say, are you doing any voicing in season 8? :D 

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OK everyone, that is a wrap!  Elley-Ray extends her thank you's to everyone who asked questions and participated and wants everyone to know that she had a great time getting to interact with all of us.  We hope this was a truly enjoyable and special event for you all, and thank you to everyone who partook so that our very special guest had some great questions to answer.  Happy Holidays, everyone, hope this was a fun and enjoyable addition to your festivities!!! :muffins:

I will get some other comments made by Ms. Hennessy up later that weren't directly tied into her responses to questions but were still really great nonetheless, but right now I have to grab some dinner, later everyone!

9 minutes ago, A.V. said:

Ms. Hennessy, which season of the show is your favorite?

She's not around anymore to answer, A.V., but I believe based on her responses that Season 7 would be her favorite simply by virtue of the fact that this was the first season she got to be a part of the show itself, which has been very special and meaningful for her.

3 minutes ago, MegaSean45 said:

Hello, Ellen! Very nice of you to take the time for talking to the fandom! If you're allowed to say, are you doing any voicing in season 8? :D 

Hi MegaSean45, as I said above, Elley is not around any longer, but she did confirm earlier in our conversation that she is indeed still with the show and doing voice work, at the very least as Mistmane and some of her other characters like some of the Changelings they have her voicing, and she would love to do more roles on the show in the future, like that of a villain even.  Thanks for asking! 

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