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So if you have seen Surf and/or Turf, you know who this is. This is Terramar. He's a hippogriff who enjoys both Mt Aris and Seaquestria, but can't decide whether he wants to move back to Mt Aris with his father, or stay in Seaquestria with his mother. So the Cutie Mark Crusaders are called by the map to help him decide. Eventually, he's convinced that perhaps it's not too big of a deal, and he can continue going back and forth between places. His sister Silverstream is one of the students at Twilight's school.






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You know, @Little Baby Dashie. Your adoptive daddy, Will Guide would know all about going back and forth between two worlds.


In fact, in some other alternative universe, he went with the CMC and actually played a part in helping Terramar. Terramar's a sweet guy who deserves the best of both worlds. And Your Daddies know Terra's parents love him


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Just now, Woohoo said:

Maybe it's the hair...


We need an episode with these three. :mlp_please:

Wow, Terramar actually looks like if you took a bit of Gallus and Sandbar and put them together, at least in the design department. I would like to see how they work off each other.

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