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My Favourite Mane 6 Pony

How did you find MLP Forums?

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How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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Hi everypony! I am glad that I found such a huge MLP community there. Just an existance of such group makes me feel so happy! I love to write long walls of text and I have an occassion to do so (and don't need to say, that walls of text are allowed here), so I will do it. Oh, and pictures for less boring reading.


Basic information and how it started

First, my name is Arek, I'm 16 y.o. and I'm a Brony for incredible 7 years, which elapses in October. How it all started? Well, very innocent, my family saw a premiere of a new TV show on kids channel and really wanted to check, what the show will actually be? In those old times, when we still had a TV, my young sister was waiting impatiently for a premiere. When I saw the MLP at first, I was very unpleased (because hey, that's for girls and overall). Two minutes later it escalated quickly, my parents were threatening me with banning me to use a computer, if I wouldn't watch the whole 1st episode. After finishing the 1st episode and the so famous "To be continued..." I quickly changed my mind and with very little patient I was waiting the whole week for the next episode. Afterwards, it was a cascade effect.


How have I found this forum?

By accident, I'm serious. I was searching for worrying information about Starlight Glimmer appearing or not appearing in G5, but I didn't found anything more, than one comment, which says, that she won't appear, because "it's a DHX exclusive addition" or something like that. So I typed "mlp forums" in a hope of finding the answer: And it looks that I will have lots of fun here. Lots. =)


My favourite pony (long part, because I really like to write about her)

The reason that I didn't choose any pony from the Mane 6 is the fact, that my favourite pony is not from the good old Mane 6. In fact, in the past it was Fluttershy, because of her shyness and my big wanting to protect her with my mind from any potential danger [in my imaginary episodes], but only to the end of the season 3, althought after 3 year old break after season 5 and coming back to watch the rest of the seasons, I had been shocked. I have just been uncommonly surprised, when I saw antagonist Starlight Glimmer, which wasn't antagonist any longer, but sort of protagonist. What on the first glance I just loved in her was not only changed mane, which added to GlimGlam +20 points to cuteness, but also her behavior, when it came to friendship issues. I also had and I still have some misunderstandings about how the relationship works, although her enormous stress shown in S6 E1 just opened my eyes to her. Earlier I was treatening all ponies (for Season 4 and 5) equally, no matter of their talents, behavior, characteristics, properties and other things. From Season 6 and onwards I started to treat Starlight as somepony special, I compassionate (yes, present tense!) with her more than with any other pony ever. I just know how difficult is to make a new relationships, *digression starts here* as in primary school I had so outliers to the rest of the people interests and hobbies, that I had maybe 1, maximum 2 true friends, rest were not important people to me, I was actively talking only with teachers, same in another school, "gimnazjum" (Polish word), where I had then outstanding thinking about the world, which wasn't the same as the other pupils in the class, so I had only 3 to 6 true friends, no more, because of abyss between my understanding and others' understanding of events and things. *digression ends here* Starlight just acted in the way, as I had done in the past, because she had been thinking in other way (no matter if bad or not bad way, but other), than the usually pony would behave. I also had been thinking in other way about friendship then, and I still sometimes think about a friendship as just a tool to achieve private goals (that's harsh, I know, but for lucky I think in that way much rarier than in the past). More episodes with her as a 1st-role character just convinced me, that my dear Starlight is just almost my copy in behaviour appearance, she's also introvertic, honest to pain and always finds the laziest methods to solve problems, just as me! I relate to her so much, that if she suddenly appeared out of nowhere, my first reaction would be "Dear Starlight! I know you! I understand you! I identify with you! Please do not harm me! I love you more than any other creature I've ever seen! (even more than a family maybe *doubt*)" and just after saying that words I would hug her firmly. So yeah, I am obsessed with her, so much, that I have wallpaper with Starlight Glimmer on PC dekstop, another wallpapers of GlimGlam on tablet and phone (different one's for more variety), Starlight Glimmer's theme on Chrome starting card, GlimGlam's avatar on Discord, on this forum, one other forum and on that other forum I even have a big .gif signature with her smiling. I just love her for her behavior, which is very similar to my one, in social aspects at least... So much love her, that I am constantly making an imaginary never-ending story with me as a pony in Equestria and Her, for at least 4 months now. Did I mention about 1 000+ downloaded unique pictures of her vectors, fanarts and gifs? And watching from S6 E14 all 1st role Starlight episodes only?


What I'm interested in this forum?

What I want to do particularly on this forum? Both simple and complex things. To category of simple things I apply asking the questions about MLP which answers I couldn't know by myself (such as worrying G5 implementation and messing up the present character orderliness with possible wiping out my favourite character) and I think only that, maybe from time to time off-topic things, but rarely. To complex things I would say discussing about both MLP and non-MLP stuff, such defending rationally Starlight (using the arguments of course) from the unconstructive criticism (I appreciate constructive criticism, just in case) and discussing about ethics, philosophy, sense of life and other difficult topics. I bet I will have fun time, while visiting this forum.


My other hobbies and interests

Except ponies, where I am heavilly interested in doing more things than watching fanart and the show (started recently doing handmade pictures based on the original digital vectors and fanarts, made 2 of them, tommorrow I'm starting the 3rd one) and wanting to talk about almost anything, I have very restricted interests, their boundaries are closed between one racing game (Trackmania United Forever), 2 sphere-matcher game series (Zuma, Sparkle), one dexterity game (Geometry Dash) and uploading gameplays and other things from those games to Youtube. I am not planning to have a separated youtube channel for pony stuff, because subscribers/views wouldn't merge and I would have to divide time I can spend actually on stuff for one more time-eating work, so no. But overall, I writed what I writed, and don't worry, that's almost the end.

Thanks for reading

Wow, you made it to the end. I was carefully studying the rules and other organisation stuff for 45 minutes, before I started writing. Anyway, who would read over 7000 character long introdutions? I guess not only me, but you also too. As a reward, I send to you happy Starlight gif =)



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Holy crap, what an introduction. Makes me feel ashamed of how little effort I put into mine. :please:

Anyways, I'm glad you are here with us now! Also, another starlight glimmer fan! I think we have a few things in common. ;)

Anyways, if you do ever need anything from anyone don't be afraid to ask around! :yay:

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Hello there! :) 

A wall of text fan, huh? I know something about it. :mlp_icwudt:
I gotta admit, that it's a well written, organized introduction. It's kinda rare to see that much of effort put into saying "Hello". :P

Your name caught my attention. I started to wonder where you are from, but you didn't state that, so I already planned to ask you about it when I'd be done reading. --But it turned out, that it won't be necessary, as the answer was hidden in the biggest paragraph. :muffins: So you come from Poland huh? No wonder why your introduction is well-polished. (:love: ayy that joke again) Seriously though, I'm also from Poland. ;)

I have to say, that your English is really good, especially when taking your age into consideration. It is not to say, that Polish people are terrible at English, it's just something I don't see often in my neighborhood, if I could phrase it that way. Heh, ~90% of classmates barely could build a sentence, so... yeah. Perhaps I was just that lucky. :derp: Either way, with each day English becomes even more popular, so people are more eager to learn it. Or at least I think so... I don't know. :D 

Your parents forced you to watch ponies? :D That's a very peculiar way to get into MLP, without any doubt. :P No offense of course, that's not what I meant. At least you had one problem solved from the very beginning - Some watchers call themselves Closet Bronies and wonder if they should (and how to) admit liking ponies to their family, you don't have to. :D Joking aside, it's actually nice, isn't it? :P 

-er okay, that's enough of this. :P 

I hope you'll find what you're looking for! ;) 

Have fun and welcome to the herd! :) 

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Hello and welcome! :fluttershy: Now THAT'S what I call an entrance! :yay: I... am not a great writer, I apologize for not replying with a huge wall of text too your big wall of text... :blush: You write really well! I'm not a native English speaker/writer either, I'm Chinese, and that's my mother tongue. Your English is amazing, though, I have to say! :kindness: And you said you hope to have tons fun here, I can assure you that you will. I had tons of fun just during the first few months here, the community and friends you'll make here, the experiences, they're great. ;) You sound like a great individual, I wish you to have a great time on here, and make many friends here! I hope you enjoy your stay here and have fun! :squee:

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