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First off, some minor corrections to the last image I had; I forgot Sunburst's glasses, so not much has changed.



Images are spoilerized because S8E23 spoilers.

Now, bear this image in mind because there are four more images related to the previous image and they're all connected. Note: previously, I was making a single image and then drawing a companion image that conveys a message that is the opposite of the original. Now, I'm drawing an entire web of interconnected images that are all related to each other somehow, and the goal is to convey a story based on the entire set of images (or a subset) instead of each image conveying its own message or story. (The one I have in mind is that Pinkie Pie turned herself into a kirin at either the worst or best possible time and now she's stuck that way for a while, while Glimmy's still bummed out that she broke her kite, but bringing in the Sunburst laundry pic makes it look like Pinkie is pretending to be a kirin in Sunburst's laundry room; bonus points if you can come up with a different story.)

1: Remember that Glimmy pic I drew? I connected it back.




2. This is my art contest entry for October: Kirin Pie. (I checked and kirinification has become a recurring theme this month; I don't mind at all but let's just say that after some poking around, some kirinifications work too well while others require very little context/backstory if at all.)




3. Oops.




4. Guess it's a good thing that all my images are connected because I could use this for another ongoing event; I had something like this in mind for a while, but had no good idea of what to use for a background.

I'll leave this one open for interpretation. Fun fact: this is also a reimplementation of an even older image I had...



EDIT: Fixed a scaling issue with one of the houses


BONUS IMAGE (featuring four of the young/student six): 


This is also my first time drawing Sandbar, Gallus, Silverstream, and Ocellus, and what helped was creating bases for these creatures, except I turned around and decided to draw Ocellus as a kirin instead. Bonus points if you can find a story that involves this image.

This wasn't supposed to be a Nightmare Night image, but I decided at the last minute that it would be. The blackboard also contains my thought processes for drawing out this image and some funky math formulas.


Did anyone else notice that Mudbriar turned into a hoverpony?


Edited by Ganaram Inukshuk
Fixed a scaling issue with one of the images
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2 hours ago, The Grim Reader said:

Was that the one time back in Feeling Pinkie Keen? Or something else?

Most likely not considering I forgot that episode entirely; I was mainly driven by the art contest and Pinkie Pie Day but I also wanted those images to relate back to one another, even the ones that aren't related to any event at all.

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14 minutes ago, The Grim Reader said:

Ahhh, I was talking about that one bit on the chalkboard about Twilight turning into a fire pokemon. I'm curious what it is it's referring to, now. :sunbutt:

Oh the chalkboard; that blurb was in reference to that particular S1 episode but I guess I keep forgetting. (Derp)

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