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Why does Fluttershy and Cadence wear eye shadow in the Equestira Girls universe? For Rarity it makes sense that she would wear eye shadow in the Equestira Girls because she does is Friendship is Magic, but Fluttershy and Cadence don't in Friendship is Magic, so why would they in Equestira Girls?

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Some teens like wearing eyeshadow and some don’t. Rarity doesn’t have to be the only character who wears makeup. Cadance also is an adult working at a school and women tend to wear makeup more often in a work. 

That said the real world reason has to do with color theory. Some base colors need better highlights (usually lighter colors) which explains why white, light pink, and yellow characters are seen with eye shadow. This is also why you have different hex for the Pony counterparts closed and semi-closed eye lids, so that it better highlights other emotional features 

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Not sure why with Flutters. Might have something to do with the different model of her head and hair. Cadance's hair is a bit less different, but once again, the head and eye shape may require a different colour balance. Given which characters do and don't have eye shadow, it might specifically be related to the way longer hair looks in Equestria Girls, but I'm not sure; I wonder what they'd look like with the makeup removed.

Although, I've gotta say, both of them seem like people who would wear eye shadow sometimes. 

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I guess while we're on the subject of make up, we see the Princessesipals wearing eye shadow and lipstick but not their pony counter parts (and frankly they look kinda weirder for it). To my knowledge, Rarity was the only pony to have visible lip stick. 


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On 12/18/2018 at 1:42 AM, AveryGamerDude said:

I've never seen Fluttershy wear eye shadow in the show. 

Gothshy says hi :fluttershy:



I guess every girl uses makeup as seen with Pinks revealing of mascara use in a short, but sure, I don’t care but rather curious on why Human Fluttershy uses eyeshadow when her pony self don:huh:’t 

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