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The legacy of FiM


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I'll keep it real- FiM may be ending, but what came out of it- this fandom- WE are the legacy of this show. I see many people say once the show ends, they're off the pony ride, but I just wonder- how many of you guys are planing to stick around, and actively help FiM live on, by content creating- music, and PMV's, animations and dramatic readings, and sculptures, plushies, and shadowboxes, by continuing to discuss it, and make theories and headcanons, and holding community meetups or conventions? Who will still be here to help the memory of FiM live on?

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I don't intend to abandon the franchise once Generation 4 comes to a close, but we shall see what happens; if I have learned anything about life, it's that life is nigh-impossible to predict. Either way, I am not much of a My little Pony Virtuoso so to speak, but I will likely continue to support the franchise in the coming years. :mlp_grin:

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