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Is Daybreaker Going to Return at all?


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With the final season among us, there aren't that many episodes left to include Daybreaker. It makes me wonder, will Daybreaker get to make a second appearance, maybe even outside of the dream realm, before FiM ends?


Slight season 9 spoiler below:


Also, there are a number of villains returning and new ones being added, so the chances of Daybreaker's return is unlikely.


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i mean why would they put a villain in the show and only have them appear once. Unless they had no other idea's for an episode but needed to expand the story then i dont see why daybreaker wouldnt return. Hasbro planned the entire series. If daybreaker doesnt return then they didnt have an idea to further twilights rule to equestria and only went off an idea just to make an episode and needed a villain for that episode. I really hope that daybreaker returns but its only a 50/50 chance she will.

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