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visual art Eh... Just a bit of my recent work


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Allow me to show ye what I've been working on in the last couple of months:





The Redcoats


Posted Image


From left to right: Line Infantry ranker, Line Infantry Officer, Light Infantry Ranker.


These 3 skins belong to the BattleGrounds 2, and will be released in the 2.2 patch later this year. I must admit, it was a huge pain to make the normal/bump maps look good, specially the Line Infantry guy.






The Stand of the East Norfolk


Posted Image


Same skins from the picture above, this time including a LOT of posing work in Garry's Mod, as well as texturing both King's and Regimental colours. This picture shows the 9th East Norfolk Regiment of Foot, making a stand against Continental soldiers (not shown in picture).








Posted Image

During the Saratoga campaign, the British soldiers were obliterated. Their officers dead, their morale broken and discipline disregarded. Sometimes, soldiers needed time to think, to let the wind take away their misery, guilt and hatred.


This picture represents a ranker of the 47th Lancashire Regiment of Foot, deployed in 1777 to partake in the Saratoga Campaign.


Texturing this guy was quite hard. T'was my first skin ever made, and took me over 3 months to finish it. I know the left hand looks VERY weird, but what can I do? The blasted model's over 6 years old...




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