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health Thoughts on Richard Simmons' Deal A Meal/Food Mover


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If I'm honest, I have a bit of a weight problem. I really love food. I was up to 260 pounds. But then, I decided to try a weight loss method. I'm sure everypony has at least heard of Richard Simmons, who's personality mirror's that of Pinkie Pie IMO. Needless to say I decided to go with his famous program, Deal A Meal. It's a wallet with color coded cards based on the 6 food groups. Whenever you eat, you move the respective cards from the left to the right into meal pockets. When you run out of cards, you stop eating for the day. I used it and I lost at least 50 pounds. It really does work, that's because it's based on balance and patience. 

Since then Richard has created a new but similar system called the "Food Mover" It's like Deal A Meal, but with a different design, it's like a small hand held bingo game in which you close windows when you eat. 

Has anypony here used the Deal A Meal or Food Mover? Thoughts on it?

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1 minute ago, Lucky Bolt said:

Never heard of it. Sounds like an interesting idea though. 

Yeah. Richard Simmons is such an endearing personality, and I love his methods for dealing with weight loss - no fad diets, no starving yourself, none of that. He gets down the point: "Watch how much and what you eat, and exercise often". Simple and to the point.

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