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science What is your favorite robot / mecha / machine?

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I think this belongs here? It does talk about fictional stuff, but it's not exclusively about fiction.

Anyway, what's your favorite robot, mecha, machine, etc. that you've seen? It can be real, exist only in blueprints, or be entirely fictional; as simple or complex as you wish. It has to at least fit the definition of a machine (with robots and mecha being spcialized machines), so it has to have a legitimate purpose and at least two moving parts that work together. An electric toothbrush could probably even classify as a machine if you have a favorite one of those or something.

The Panther tank is probably my favorite machine. It was an incredible feat of engineering for its decade (especially once the engine problems were ironed out), an if there was a beauty contest for tanks, it would win every time.



My favorite mecha that currently exists is the Method 2. Each of the fingers are individually controlled, and it can actually walk. It reminds me a lot of the ones from the movie Avatar.



If anyone knows about The Hacksmith on YouTube, he's working on building a power loader from the Aliens movie. It probably won't be done for a few years, but one of the arms is finished, and it's ridiculously strong.



Now for fictional mecha. as I've said many times before, I love BattleTech and the BattleMechs in it (mainly Clan 'Mechs). The Timber Wolf is my favorite for looks (it's like the Panther tank, just so damn graceful), and at its time of release, it was unmatched in terms of combat ability. The Warhawk is really cool too, though. It has such a menacing figure, and its prime configuration of weapons definitely backs up that intimidation factor (not to say that the other configs aren't dangerous, just that if a pilot doesn't miss with the prime variant, whatever it hits is almost certainly dead with one salvo).


Timber Wolf, prime config (known as a Mad Cat to non-Clan scum)



Warhawk, looks like an alpha config? (known as the Masakari outside of the Clans)




Armored Cores (from the game Armored Core) are really cool too, and they're more like your average futuristic mecha, being highly customizable and extremely mobile. I generally don't like that kind of mecha as much as things like 'Mechs from BattleTech, but they're still awesome.




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I'm a fan of more...Gundam-like mecha and such over things like Battletech.

Sure, the stuff from those games are cool AF, but I prefer things like a Zaku II over like...a Javelin from Mechwarrior.

Or hell, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: A mecha (even if it looks more like an armored nebula in that form) is BEAST.

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