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Grogar Has Parents and Family!!


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I know the season 9 is the last of FiM show but the story is not really ended because they already confirmed the season 10. When i am see everything in the Deviant-art, i am find a pictures about Grogar when he is just a child or maybe a little goat or ram and he has mother and father or even his family but What happening to his family and his species in the MLP:FiM?


Grogar with his mother and father

All of us know Grogar still be a mystery after the season 9 was end but there is a hope for the canon story with FiM in the 2020.

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I’m sure the comics will explore the real Grogar, possibly making a series with Gusty as well. Now that we are on this topic, I think he and Cozy deserve a post entry of Fiendship is magic. Grogar can have his own series, but Cozy deserve one, considering being part of the final boss team-up with partners who each got one

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