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What I relate to in the Mane 6.


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I can relate to all of the Mane 6 ponies in some way. 


-Fluttershy: I am shy and introverted most of the time. I also love animals. I can also be mean when I need to be but mostly I am pretty calm. :yay:

-Rainbow Dash: I am pretty fast and loyal to my friends. I sometimes boast but it happens rarely. :wub:

-Applejack: I am very honest and lie rarely (I only lie if I really need to keep it a secret) I also love apples :mlp_icwudt:


-Rarity: I don't really relate to her too much but sometimes I am a bit crazy when it comes to what I wear on special occasion. Also, I can be pretty dramactic. :-D


-Twilight Sparkle: Sometimes I go nuts if things are a mess (my desk at school, especially) and even though I mess up when typing since I type fast, I am a really good speller (I always get top 3 in spelling bees) and it annoys me when someone uses bad grammar. I also love reading :-P


Pinkie Pie: Despite the fact I am introverted, I can be upbeat and sometimes go CRAZY HAPPY. I love parties, and CUPCAKES. :mlp_pinkie:


Who do I relate to most?:

ALL OF THEM. That is why I love the ponies; because I relate to them all in some way.


And because they are freaking adorable. :derp:

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