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What is the latest pony related merchandise you bought?

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45 minutes ago, Adariousmist said:

Now that you mention that, I seem to have one other I think was released about the same time (same style / same talk button thing), of Princess Cadance.  Differences with her include bright pink coat color, and a different cutie mark to the one she has in the show.  Closer comparison makes it look like just the bordering sides of the one in the show.  Found an img of it.


bandicam 2024-01-25 13-13-29-599.jpg

My wife is actually the expert on the toys. She's been collecting them ever since she was a kid in the 1980s. 

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Finally, my Alex Woo horse jewelry is complete. This last item came without prior notice, unlike it’s gold counterpart 



but it came with an extra horseshoe charm, which is marketed as a cutie mark, most likely due to the delayed delivery :mlp_icwudt:



rather surprising, as those horseshoe charms are a little over 50$ the cheapest :huh:


edit: on a second thought, that horseshoe probably cost a little less because it came plain, and not with an enamel paint. Whatever, I don’t mind an extra silver :PIPPIPHURRAY:

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