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What if. (Angry Crusaders)


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Remember the Episode Lesson Zero the part when Twilight cast that Spell on The Cutie Mark Crusaders so they'd fight over her doll. Do you think it's possible they would have wanted to get Twilight back for that? Now I'm focusing on the Crusaders only since they were the ones Twilight targeted with the Spell. I know the whole town was affected but that was just an accident. So since Twilight main targeted the CMCs would they have a right to want to get revenge on her, or at least have a right to be angry at Twilight for doing that to them?

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I don't think the CMCs are very vindictive. That said the whole town deserved an apology from Twilight. That must have been pretty distressing for everypony.


Even when Babs Seed was purposefully bullying them, they realized that seeking revenge on somepony is not a good way to act.


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