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movies/tv Adventures of the Gummi Bears

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By Disney from 1985-1991

Some people grew up with this series (like me) and other don't even know it all

I loved this series when I was a child and watched it every Saturday Afternoon :> The world building was really great and deep, it was lovely drawn. Gummi Glen was for sure an interesting place to witness but even in case someone found it boring or anything many other places have been visited during the run of this show. They even had a modern fast traveling system called "Quick Tunnels" :> One of many technologies in this show :>

Another big plus were the characters in this show.  They were so full of personality.  My fav. character back then was Zummi. I liked this forgetful personality especially when he tried to cast spells. But also the characters were great :> One of the young bears had also the name Sunni :nom:

The interaction between the Bears and human was also something interesting to me as a child. You have of course these two which were friends with the Bears (Cavin and Calla) but some others appeared later :>
Of course there were also the villains like Duke Igthorn and his monster Army and others. I think there was even an Clint Eastwood themed bounty hunter in one episode. 

And for the love of ponies .. this catchy intro theme ... Never got it out of my head. Never in decades ... If you're like me, sorry I brought it back in your head ;)

This has been a big Series in my childhood and I hold many lovely memories to it.

So who also grew up with this show and what do you think about it? Do you have a fav character/episode ? 

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I used to love that cartoon, and I have the theme tune set as the ringtone on my phone.  It's been that long since I've seen it that I can't really remember any of the individual episodes, I only really saw it during its original run and I was pretty young at the time.  What I do remember though, is having a bit of a crush on Sunni.  Like I said, I was pretty young at the time.

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Gummi Bears was one of the shows of my childhood. I liked the fantasy elements of that show and the conection in the Gummi Bear Family and their human friends. It was not my number one favorite show in my childhood (this was TaleSpin), but I also really loved this show. My favrite was Tummi by the way. Fun fact: As a child, I always tought that the show was made by Disney together with Haribo (which is from Bonn, the next big city in my region where I live) because of their Gumm Bear candies.

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