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If The Mane Six Went on Vaccation.


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I'm going to share with you a summary of a fanfiction idea I had a while back about what I think would Happen if the Mane Six went on vaccation.

The plot goes like this.

10 months after defeating the storm king The Mane Six start attacking and hurting other ponies. So a reporter decieds to go find out what's really going on.

First she goes to ponyville where she interviews the resdients. Mainly Starlight, and The Cutie Mark Crusaders, who All say The Mane Six are not responsible for the attacks.

The reporter then goes to Ponhenge where she encounters The Mane Six and finds out they are imposters.

Then she goes to Canterlot where Celestia tells her where she can find the real Mane Six.

The reporter finds The Mane Six as well as Spike on and island, and they tell her what they've been up to the past 10 months.

The gist of it is.

They messed with the wildlife

Burned alot of places to the gound

Went through some depression

Did what was basicaly drugs

Got stuck in another diemension

Built there own robot army to fight

Formed a band

Built themselves a new caslte that Pinkie Pie manged to burn down

Explored a Temple that made Rarity, and Fluttershy do things they don't wanna talk about

Built a waterpark that Pinkie Pie also manged to burn down

Tried to form their own goverment

and Most importantyl.

Absoultely Nothing.

Afterwards the Mane Six learn of the imposters and go back to Equestria to stop the imposters.

So this was mainly what I think The Mane Six would do if they went on vaccation, but I had a feeling that someone was going to ask me if this was for a fanfiction, and So I Added all this, but I really want to know, what do you think would happen if The Mane Six went on vaccation?

Would it be just like what I predict?

Would it be pretty normal?


Would it be even crazier then what I predict?

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