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What is the furthest away from your home that you have family?


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Spain and France. They are nobility but there has been barely any interaction after this branch of the family broke off and moved to Argentina. Which is my current location. The land of the Sun and the wine. Oh, morning star, we love you so much, for the freedom you have granted onto humankind. Hail Lucifer. The "god" of this world. Or so my family would say. Hahaha. They are so crazy, but they are right to some degree.

So, everyone gets a free goat for joining. Meaning everyone, and I mean everyone, has to grow a bigger beard. Which is unfortunate, because I can only grow a goatee.

And this may seem out of topic. But this was the reason my family separated, it was a beard dispute over the trimming laws of the Mosaic. As it happened between some jehovah witnesses who challenged each other to a duel over the beard laws, as not every man was able to grow a powerful beard, and those who were beardless felt it was better to have a clean shave. Which was perceived as an offence against the most High, whose Beard is surely a sight to behold. As per scripture, all angels do in heaven is sing and comb THE beard.

Singing and combing all day. And then you wonder why they rebelled.

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I have no clue. I don't know much about my extended family. Almost all of the family I know of is in Oklahoma, Arkansas or Kansas. I may have relatives in California.

I feel bad because I recently asked my mom about this, to see if we had any relatives in New England and she told me where all family members she knows of live, but I forget. =/

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