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You have to go on vacation somewhere less than 3 hours drive away from your home , where would you go?


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It is not the destination that is the problem but the origin that was lost. There are good reasons I have lived for twenty years inside this house like a "mental patient".

My family - they sold out. They betrayed our blood. They betrayed me. And I lost my sister because of that, and with her my future and the possibility to create a family of my own, which is the foundation every other aspect of life is built upon.

That is the reason I am showing "ADHD", depressive, addictive and self-destructive behaviour since childhood. These disorders are simply the result of an animal that is suffering because his natural purpose was taken away. That is the reason I am in this sorry state. Take the family from someone else,"human" or otherwise. And you will see what happens.

So, my family is not leaving this house. I am taking them with me. Because even if she doesn't have the heart it takes to recognize the truth that she denied me. Every single action of hers is expressed like a compulsion to cover up that painful emptiness where my family and hers should be.

She is too much of a coward to accept she is already dead, or even the damage that she is still doing to me, because she wants to keep "alive".

I needed a mating partner of my own blood. That is the reason I am naturally repulsed towards canditates outside this group. "Something is wrong". "Where is my sister". Repeating inside of me since I have memory.

So, considering they have killed me in life. I am going to do the same in return. And it is not going to be like in my dreams. Visceral and merciful. It is going to be a slow process according to their new laws. But it is going to be the same, just dragged out and pointlessly misserable.

And I have told them this already, very clearly. If they try to leave this house. I gut them where they stand. This is the real reason I am doing all this. Because the blood inside of me is pointing at my own mother, and saying "guilty".

But allow me a firearm with two munitions of sufficient caliber. And I promise on my honor, that I leave this life. But I cannot do that as long as she is still alive. Because of that betrayal, and because of the love that I have for the family I lost. They are waiting for me on the other side. This hurts... but she doesn't want to recognize the truth.

Because she has no honor. So, she would rather see me suffering like a mental cripple, instead of giving up her life so she can release her son. And we both suffer now, without reason or future to live for.

Despite all this. I still love her, because she is my mother. But this love requires a mutual agreement to release our lives from this binding.

That is the reason I don't leave my house. That there is no reason.

My request is fair and merciful. My offer, is the truth.

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Hmm… as far west as possible. I can go stargazing. Maybe “Pedernales Falls” or whatever it’s called.

Wouldnt be a vacation if not a day trip. Not sure where else.

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I think Branson, Missouri is three hours away, so I'd go there. I have childhood memories there. I hope to visit once more before I move.

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Well, Disneyland is a 15 minute walk from my apartment. And there's a lot of stuff within three hours of here; other amusement parks, the beach, the mountains, a pretty cool island just off the coast. The tough question is where NOT to go!

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Philip Island, Victoria. It's about an hour and a half away. I've been there a few times on day trips, but it would be cool to have a vacation there. They have a beach, a chocolate factory and penguins! :pinkie:


I marked it with the red dot. :P

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