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What is the furthest you have traveled without using a plane on any part of the journey?


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Um... From NE Oklahoma to Ohio by vehicle (bus). From NE Oklahoma to North Carolina (childhood trip, in family van).

Those are the two longest. Maybe Florida would count, too? IDK.

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Tennessee. Painfully long card ride since we’d go nonstop. My dad would only stop for restroom break and to grab food. Not been there to visit those relatives since I was under 18.

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Austin to Iguala, Guerrero (Mexico). I don't think we ever went straight from here to there though... maybe once. We'd usually spend half the time in Mexico at a town halfway, then after a week head on down there (which was a good 12 hour drive).

I guess longest straight-shot was here to Phoenix (1006 miles versus 1049). I guess I could go farther and say Acapulco since we did drive there too from Iguala.

I could've just said Austin to Phoenix, but that'd be a boring response :pout: .


Oh, not so fun fact; the air distance between Iguala and Zihuatanejo (at the Pacific) is just 141 miles, but the trip time is close to 7 hours due to the winding roads across the mountains. Yikes... never did that drive. I'd probably go insane :ButtercupLaugh:. So much zigzagging...

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From north of Seattle (Snohomish County) to western Montana by car which is roughly 540 miles.

The second longest was from San Jose to Indio/Salton Sea area by car which is roughly 500 miles and took place in the same state the whole trip (California).

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