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What if Starlight Glimmer kept being a villain in the show?

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One of the most jarring and underwhelming aspects in Friendship is Magic was the fact that, despite Starlight got a second chance by Twilight in season 5, she kept torturing or tricking other ponies, occasionaly without their consent. And, since I've been reading some "what if" threads here, I'd like to ask: How would this TV show have been if Starlight kept being a villain?

To me, I think it would have been like I pictured the show if Chrysalis was a recurrent villain, with a constant presence that affects the show in one way or another. It wouldn't be necessarily as epic as A Canterlot Wedding or Twilight's Kingdom, but it could have been a mix of comedy and some heaviness in the stories. These seasons had 26 episodes per season, so I could imagine like her appearing in 6 episodes per season until she prepares for a dangerous plan that affects Twilight's life (it wouldn't be the first time after all).

How do you think the TV show would have been like if Starlight was a villain forever?

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There could have been many possibilities with that idea .. Most likely she would have turned up now and they to cause havoc and they would have dealt with her in the final episode of season nine. I would also be pretty certain that she would have played a big part in that final. With the current season 9 they should us already the point of view of the villains with planning and plotting. I would be pretty sure this would have been a much stronger with a not reformed Starlight being part of this group.

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