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MLP elements of harmony info.

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A basic guide for spiritual understanding of what the MLP elements of harmony are and how they can be defined for our every day life.


 Note that these are stated in any particular order with the exception of magic being  last.


Let's start with the element of loyalty.


What exactly is loyalty defined as here because it sounds simple enough by itself it just means you're loyal to your friends right?

WRONG, that's not at all what the element is about. The element of loyalty is actually staying true to one's self or destiny and helping others to do the same.

In other words, it's about staying strong and not letting anything bring you outside your goals and your hearts desires. 

laughter is pretty self explanatory but here goes anyways. Laughter is simply about raising the spirits of your fellow being and to help ease them by bringing them the gift of joy to help bring about a more positive feeling.


honesty is about speaking one's truth and not cowering to the lies of this world. Even if the truth hurts it hurts but for a moment but a lie will always keep pain going forever. 

Kindness is about aiding the downhearted and distraught back towards their goals when they need it. Basically in a nutshell kindness is about being both a guide and healer to those hurt in mind, body or spirit. An important note that enabling a bad behavior , action etc which serves only to cause a greater harm is NOT kindness but a cruelty instead.  



Generosity is about sharing AND receiving in spirit with others. Yes, despite the obvious part of generosity being about the act of sharing with others it also about celebrating your self as well and enjoying the fruits of your own labor. If you're wondering but isn't celebrating and enjoying the wealth or materialistic values the definition of greed? 


The answer is no that is not at all greed. Greed has nothing to do with how big of a slice of the pie  of life you desire at all in fact that is a good thing because that pie is unlimited so if you want a huge slice go ahead there is always more.  No, GREED is when you take action to STEAL the slice of pie off of another's plate. In other words greed can be defined as theft.


When you commit theft you will find in time that the pie eventually does become limited because your theft is preventing the making of more pie. That's why if we're all generous the pie never ends because no matter how much you an individual take the group as a collective are always contributing far more in than you can possibly take.


Last but certainly not least we have the element of magic. Magic is the link and connection of all of the above elements as one. It is the love and connection we have towards our friends and our family. It is the ability to change the world and improve upon ourselves. Working with others to build a better world if you will. Co creation might be a good word to describe it in a sense. You are both the character in a story we call life and yet magic allows you to write in that story a bit as well. 


The very key if magic is the part of working WITH not AGAINST or rather you understand you are above none and none are above you. You respect the sacred and never attempt to control, hurt etc another. To put it in a much simpler truth cooperation NOT competition.



Well that's it for that subject. 




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