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Create Your Own Elements of Harmony!


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If anypony here doesn't know the Elements of Harmony, you disgust me (jk)


I've been thinking a lot about the Elements for some reason and I had an idea, create your own elements here, they should be based of YOU not your OC or any canon ponies, and I would prefer if you don't use the 6 there already are, but you can if you can't think of anything else, also after creating your own, try to come up with one for TPABY (other then their own) about their avvies or sigs or something, I didn't really think this through a lot, lol

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I don't know one for you :S HATTY. GIANT HATTY.

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Elements of Pinkazoid





-obsession with animal hats-ness



Edited by Pinkie Pie (Pinkazoid!)
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The Elements of Aperture Science:



Deadly Neurotoxin

Companion Cubes

Combustible Lemons

and Science makes it all complete.

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The Element of Solos - for the pony that can shred a billion notes, and swoon the hearts of all ponies alike with each melody and note strung for their audible pleasure.

The Element of Riffs - for the pony that can bang out tunes with their loyal guitar at their side, creating headbangers to bang their heads in amazement

The Element of Double Bass - for the pony that fears no limits when smashing their hind hooves into those pedals, thundering out so many notes throughout the bass drum

The Element of Shrieks - for the pony with a voice that pierces the heavens, and strikes down the enemy where they stand

The Element of Rhythm - for the pony who dare not say a word, but will shock the eardrums of many through thunderous notes played slowly but heavily

The Element of Evil - for the pony that knows the dark ways of the dreaded creator of this blessed music, causing all ponies to go insane with madness and deleriously have fun when listening to the heaviest of all music

The Element of Horns - for the pony who will command their fans/troops alike, to bond together in the spirit of the holy music, and headbang together in joy and madness, raise their hooves in defiance to their master and salute to their genre


With these seven elements, my brothers, we will have created...



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(MY) Elements of Gaming
1: Element of Music
2: Element of Strategy
3: Element of Energy
4: Element of Shooting
5: Element of Melee
6: Element of Developing

quote me which one you are
I'm #1

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