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  1. @Modhat:HOLY MACRA Don't make me in the rank "Chaos Member" Seriously you wont like me I wont participate!
  2. Rainbow Dash looked around. "Say, anypony seen Fluttershy?" Rainbow asked. "I wish she was here." Lily crawled and looked around. "Hello?" It echoed around. "Fluttershy?" Lily looked around every table but didn't look at where Fluttershy was hiding "I lost count!"
  3. Lily crawled in. "Rainbow be careful!" "Well sorry I was late Twilight. There were millions of Parasprites so didn't have time to say hi!" Lily fell on the seat but flipped back up muzzle-first to the floor. "I just wanted Lily old pal to come along!" Rainbow said ruffling Lily's mane. "I have seen worse with the Parasprites..."
  4. I'll join! Gimme a second to post the 2 characters. *Opens new tab and types in Mlpforums.com* Here they are! http://mlpforums.com...ers/_/lily-r850 http://mlpforums.com...rs/_/rose-r1206 I suggest that Lily gets bitten.
  5. *Backs up to a corner* I don't know...I don't want "PEACE" or "CHAOS" but...*Wingboner* I'm not...joining...EEP.
  6. A pink Unicorn came in the elevator randomly. "What? What chamber is this?!" Rose looked at the Elevator and tried to make it go back up. "Oh...Hello?..." Rose stammered. "So...I get a Portal Gun or what?"
  7. I am joining cause I like Portal (1 and 2). I am gonna be a Subject and a Core. SUBJECT:http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/rose-r1206 and Cores personality is Singing.
  8. DJ Cadence

    Visual Art HATUR COMIX

    But I thought Bronies are tough-OH I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FEATHER!!!!!! THESE COMICS ARE FUNNY!!!!!! I like u now
  9. Lily appeared in front of Rainbow Dash and said "What is going on?" Rainbow pushed out of the way. "Yeah, she helped. Twilight! What are you doing?" Lily and Rainbow got bored and decided to play Hoof-Games.
  10. Rainbow and Lily realized they were in the wrong room. "So...Their not in the train?" They spotted Twilight and ran out. "Twilight!" Sorry we were late. We were fighting off the Parasprites at Cloudsdale. But luckily, a friend I made helped!"
  11. DJ Cadence

    Ask sarcasm pony

    Hey sarcasm pony *Sarcastic voice from ASDF MOVIES* Hey I like your rank!
  12. Rainbow was flying in. "Whats going on?" Lily was by Rainbow Dash. "We were just shooing the Parasprites at Rainbow's house but we heard Celestia." "So, the problem?"
  13. Oh yes I still want to be R-Dash! I suggest that Lily and RD can be friends and move together. WHAT I MEAN IS LILY IS LIKE GILDA Buut nicer.
  14. DJ Cadence

    Open Music of Equestria

    Rose was busy trying to teach her birds to sing. Fluttershy was helping "Now just point this at which bird you want to sing. Remember, the birds up are High Notes and the ones below are the low ones." "I got this Fluttershy!" Rose was improving better. "Uh oh." Rose did a wrong bird. "That's OK Rose! Mistakes sometimes happen." "I think I have learned enough for a day." "OK then! Run along! Have fun!" "Oh Fluttershy! Your so kind!" Rose ran across the Library.
  15. I'm willing to join! Well my OC Rose would be useful cause she likes music X3 Heres the link http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/rose-r1206 ^^Link
  16. DJ Cadence

    Ask the Shadowbolts

    Can I...Join? 3:
  17. I AGREE U *BEEP* But I'm not sure about the fez...I mean...I like Trixie but...I dunno...Like one big thing is that...Your not a Wonderbolt.
  18. Luna. Your wish is granted. Call meh anypony
  19. OBVIOUSLY LUNA (Just say Cadence I don't mind cuz I am in the Royal Family XP)
  20. Guessing Rainbow Dash. Your avatar is in the sky/cloud and your sig!
  22. *Push him far away and run for it IN THE SKYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
  23. I also want to be a different character too! Multiple parts doesn't matter if you DON'T HAVE WINGS!!! http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/lily-r850 <<<My OC.
  24. 1.Crush, Kill, Destory, SWAG Original Mix 2.This Day Aria 3.So Many Wonders (Either by Yaplap or the original)
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