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What Element of Harmony Are You?


Which Element Best Suits You?  

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  1. 1. Which Element Best Suits You?

    • Honesty
    • Kindness
    • Loyalty
    • Generosity
    • Laughter
    • Magic
    • It's hard to tell

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Generosity, I've never wanted to do anything but make people happy. Quite frankly, it makes me happy to make other people happy.


Or would that be kindness?


No, I'm not a kind person. Generous, not kind at all.

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I think id say kindness. I usualy attempt to be kind to everyone i meet, though it can get a bit hard in this town...


Im also 'sorta' good with animals (I work at a rescue kenel) and quite shy. Im most like FlutterShy in that respect. I guess id end up getting her element of harmony.

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What would qualify one for magic?



Friendship is Magic!


Therefore one whom has the Element of Magic is very Friendly and loves to be surrounded by friends.

Helpful could also qualify for Friendly if you feel the absolute NEED to help friends!




I'm not very Loyal. I'm tend to keep things bottled up rather than be Honest about things. I'm not Generous at all, and Magic (Friendship) haha... who needs other people!


There leaves Kindness which I am apparently the absolute NICEST guy ever according to a lot of my female friends (unfortunately nice guys finish last, am I right?) ! But then again when I joke around I can be a bit of an asshole at times so Laughter wins!

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Well, I do lie if it makes things easier for me. And loyalty doesn't really fit me. Kindness sounds okay, I always try to be nice but I do tend to snap back if I feel someone is being rude. Generosity fits me the best. I love giving, helping, and making people happy. It's definitely between that and laughter.

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Laughter, I try to make others smile and I always try to be happy, and I think kindness comes in second,

Also isn't Twilight's element also friendship?

Edited by Pinkazoid
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Regardless of who your favorite pony is, just think about yourself and what your personality focuses on the most.


To me, I'm probably all about loyalty. Like Rainbow Dash says "I would never leave my friends hangin".


Same here, I would also go for loyalty ;) /)

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Honesty? Yeah, I'm kind of irregular on that. Trying to work on it. Kindness? I can be very kind... but I'm not always kind. I can also be incredibly cold and aloof and moody. So that's out of the door. Generosity? Heh, maybe. I do like to give out... a lot of my my time and myself to people. But I'm not really noticeable generous. I don't like to give away my stuff as much. And I'm actually kind of... ungenerous in that sense. So no.


Laughter? Definitely not. I used to think that laughter was just a way to hide your emotions and fake. I don't anymore, but... I don't really think I could be laughter after those thoughts about it. I like seriousness very much. Magic? That's Friendship, right? Maybe. I've always been... into magic and wanted to be a sorceress. But then again, no. I still have problems making proper friendships.


Loyalty? I think so. My determination for things is... pretty epic. And that ties into loyalty even though I am nothing like Rainbow Dash. I will not stand down. I will stick to my guns like crazy and am insanely loyal to those who I love, but not just that. I am loyal to my principles even if I can be a little flaky sometimes. Intensely loyal. So I think this element fits me the most.

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Well, I'm a really nice guy, so kindness is big for me.

I spend a lot of time volunteering, and time is a huge thing to give, so generosity.

I'm always there for friends and family, so there's loyalty.

I'm intelligent and love science, and science is magical because it can explain how fucking magnets work.

I'm always honest (except for little white lies. You know, when somebody asks "how do I look?")



But above all, laughter. I deal with things by laughing about them. I can joke about almost anything. My sense of humor is all over the place. I make people laugh all the time.


So laughter, for me.

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Kindness would be mine. No matter what I say there's always this fear behind it that I may unintentionally hurt someone's feelings and even when I'm being brutally honest about something (and believe me when I say I can be rather good at that), I have to soften the blow somehow or another. Edited by PoisonClaw
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I'd love to study about magic+I'm kind!

I'm not that generous, I keep things very personal!

Im pretty loyal.

I can admit that i am nowhere near honest, i lie to survive!

Laughter is just not in me. Someone make me laugh si vous plait!

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Definitely loyalty. What good do any of the other elements do you if you can't even stay true to your friends? :)

Assuming not choosing loyalty wouldn't be going THAT harsh^, I'd still choose loyalty :P

Eh, what can I say? Once I'm your friend, I'm there for you forever.

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