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Pony of loyalty Rainbow Dash bio.

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Lets start our journey of Celestianism discussion of the mane 6  with our very first bio profile Rainbow Dash. 

Starting with her name itself Rainbow is of course a very symbolic thing you have the biblical meaning which is of God's mercy and love, the basic chakra system, others include a bridge between the divine and earth, and so forth. Not exactly symbolic but it is interesting to note that there are exactly 7 main chakra colors and 7 colors in a rainbow and the very word rainbow in of itself is exactly 7 letters. 

The last name of Rainbow, Dash is of course to do forth with speed.

So if you combine Dash's first and last name what you would get for the entire meaning of her name would I believe for a common denominator could mean the light of heaven and earth or rather the guide or messenger of heaven. 

If I had to honestly to venture a guess I would legitimately that symbolically speaking Dash should be seen as combination of angel or even archangel in training with that of messenger of the heavens.

The guide, and messenger from cloudsdale (heaven) for ponyvile (earth). 

At the moment that is all  I can think of if there is something about her that you wish to add or feel there is something about Dash I should look into please let me know. 

I shall work on a different pony tomorrow so if you have a preference please let me know. 



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