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References to Movie Soundtracks in G4?

Rafa Stary

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While I marathoned the entire G4 (well at least FiM, the 2017 film and the EQG films), I really tried to pay close attention to the soundtrack, most specifically the background scores, aside from the incredible thematic continuity that William Anderson did in FiM and EQG, and Daniel Ingram in the 2017 film, I noticed some themes that sound to be references or inspired by themes from famous films? I noticed at least 3, there must be more, I'll list the ones I could notice, if you noticed any more let me know and I'm probably going to include it, it doesn't have to be a recurring theme either, it can be a unique BGM used only once too. I may update this post when I find more tracks that sound inspired for me. One I'm 100% sure it's inspired, the other two are only speculations.

Mare Do Well Theme ~ Danny Elfman's Batman Theme

This is the only one I'm 100% sure that it's inspired! In Season 2 Episode 8, Mare Do Well have her own theme, as the soundtrack is unreleased, unfortunately I can't use a specific track from the episode as a example (it seems no one tried to rip it yet), but the theme can be heard throughout the entire episode in almost every scene Mare Do Well shows up, so it's easy to notice it.

The theme sounds extremely similar if not, identical to Danny Elfman's Batman Theme for the Batman (1989) and Batman Returns movies, it contributes to this the fact that in the episode it can be seen posters of Mare Do Well that are a clear reference to a famous poster of the Batman The Animated Series (which could actually be where William Anderson referenced the theme, and not the films, since the opening of this series also uses this theme)

Daring Do's Theme ~ Jurassic Park Theme / Indiana Jones Theme

Daring Do has her own theme that is used in all of her episodes since Season 2 Episode 16. Unlike the previous leitmotif, I'm not sure about this one, it's just speculation, but it does sounds extremely similar for me. In case it's real, I believe William Anderson thought it would be too obvious to use Indiana Jones' theme as a inspiration for Daring Do's theme (I believe I don't need to explain it), so he decided to make a mix of the Jurassic Park Theme and The Indiana Jones theme for the character, I can clearly hear Jurassic Park in the first notes and Indiana Jones in the latter notes, but that's just me, I'm not entirely sure about it.



Tempest Shadow's Theme ~ Predator Theme 

Another speculative one, but to me it sounded similar enough to include it here, honestly, I think if it weren't for the character of Tempest Shadow I wouldn't consider this one.

A reason for me to believe that TempestTempest's theme is inspired in Predato is that the characters of Tempest and Predator share similarities, both are "hunters", equipped with super advanced technologies and both go after the most powerful beings on the planet. Predator in his films hunts humans who present the greatest level of threat, Tempest does the same when going after the Alicorn Princesses. If it's real, then I believe that Daniel Ingram decided to use only part of the Predator theme to compose Tempest's theme, as the Predator theme is quite long, full of melodies that are present in all the films between different tracks, so I will use as example only the tracks that sound similar to me. Tempest's theme can be heard on some tracks from the 2017 film's score, the melody is also used in the song "Open Up Your Eyes". The part of the Predator theme that I believe may have inspired this theme can be heard on the track "Billy" (fourth video) from 0:38 onwards. The score tracks containing Tempest's theme also have parts that resemble another part of the Predator theme that is very recurrent in all the movies from the franchise, you can hear it in the fifth video.

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