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S01:E14 - Suited For Success



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Another one of the best and most memorable episodes from season 1.

After not really being much of a Rarity fan, this one made me really like her as a character. This episode moved her from being my least favourite of the Mane 6, to my third favourite. I felt like I could really connect to her through the whole theme of it being difficult to please others. I think it gave her a lot more depth and made her a lot more interesting as a whole.

I liked the message here. Appreciating the thought of someone's generosity is something that I feel is quite applicable to adults, which did make me appreciate it more looking back. Art of the Dress is an awesome song. I'd say probably one of my favourite songs from the earlier seasons. The animation in this episode also stood out to me. I think it probably was because a good chunk of the episode was just showing off bright and colourful dresses, but still, it stuck out in a good way. This episode is rather slow, but the episode is written around that, so it mostly works.

I guess the only complaint is that the resolution does happen fairly quickly, which does throw off the pacing a little bit, considering the episode is slow. It's not a huge problem for me, but just something I always noticed. This is a great episode though and is always fun to rewatch.

I'll give this episode a 8/10.

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